Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Challenge...that I'm not taking

Yesterday I found a very pretty blog called Dottie Angel. (Thru this famous crafty blog.)

The author has taken this challenge for herself, and invited others to join her:

I absolutely love this idea. There are many reasons it appeals to me, besides the obvious green and anti-corporate, anti-materialism schtick.

  1. I already absolutely despise going shopping. I'm seriously bad at it and totally insecure about anything I purchase if Nick isn't there to reassure me. (He has very good taste.)
  2. Despite hating to shop, I do love thrifting. There is something very exciting about finding something old that someone else cast aside that I find useful or pretty. I've loved it since middle school, thanks to my amazing friend Ruth. 
  3. I love resourcefulness. I'm more MacGruber than MacGyver, but I like to think my developing handmade skills are helping to sharpen the resourceful, how-else-could-this-be-used part of my brain. 
Still, I'm not ready to jump on board just yet. Here is my list of reasons (excuses) why not:
  1. Thrifting involves time hunting, which I don't mind, it's just that we are a one-car family. Believe me, if I had the means, I would love to spend some of my days off from work scavenging old smelly stores like a hyena.
  2. I'm seriously considering returning to full-time gainful employment in the near future. This would definitely involve purchasing some clothes slightly more professional than my cheap stretchy jeans and collection of worn-out threadless t-shirts. 
  3. I'm still very unfamiliar with my post-baby body. Yeah, I'm not 40 lbs over weight or anything, but still, whose body is this? I got rid of all the old body's clothes, yet I still don't know how to dress this one. Sometimes it helps to just buy the new body some cheap Target clothes to make it feel better. And I'm still not a good enough seamstress to completely make my own wardrobe. 
So there you go. Really pretty anti-climactic to share this idea with you that I don't even have the b@#*s to try myself. But it's still a very interesting idea, and maybe one day soon when my excuses run out, I will be ready to give it a try. 

(also, don't worry, I think she excuses buying new undies.)


  1. I like the idea too Jessica! Thanks for posting it! Your old teacher....Gretchen Phelps :)

  2. I think I do this most of the time, not for fun, just because of the money factor, plus I love being crafty and giving original gifts... but every once in a while when I do get to buy something new... it's very fun and I am ok with that.

    P.S. I'm not a shopper either, but put me in a book store or craft/fabric store... and I could be there forever.

  3. oh yeah, I have a weakness for book stores too. But we have gotten into using the library more.

    Olivia- what's your address? I need to send you a little something to make your week better :)

    and Gretchen, glad you liked it! (I still want to call you Mrs. Phelps!)

  4. I have joined wardrobe refashion
    for 2 months. I think the shorter time period is great for me. I can't imagine never buying anything new again. I am slowly resizeing my work clothes (jeans & t-shirts) after losing 100lbs. I can understand not knowing your new body. good luck with what you decide to do.

  5. I love this idea. I have gotten some amazing stuff at yard sales and thrift stores. If you haven't checked it out the Valley Thrift Store in Reading is a really good one.


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