Friday, August 6, 2010

The vintage-flair photog studio.

So remember over a month ago when I told you I was going to show you more pictures of Fyrefly's new studio? Well, I planned on it. But then, this toddler I know and love pulled over my morning coffee onto my husband's beautiful, less than a year old, 17 inch Macbook Pro. Thank goodness he did not get it on himself, but it flowed directly into the side of the computer with the power jack and all the other plug-ins. The screen went black immediately. Not a good sign. (Speaking of s**t my kid ruined, have you seen this yet? Funny.) Of course, it was totally my fault for having the computer, the cup of coffee, and the toddler all even remotely near each other. $1400 dollars (gulp) into our savings later, it is fixed. At least we have some savings thanks to Davie R, but this is not a financial blog. :) Still a painful experience though.

Luckily, all the memory on the computer was recovered, thus I can show you these pictures now, if you still even remotely care at all.

All the styling was done by the talented Gina of Kiwi Street Studios, who (whom?) Fyrefly is sharing the studio with.

Isn't that the cutest little sitting area in the first picture? And I know everyone talks a big game about loving vintage typewriters, but I don't think I know someone else who actually has one. And I know you will ask, so that pennant light thingy is from Ikea.

I also thought this was a very clever way to display photos or art on the wall. I don't know if these are true vintage drawer pulls or anthropologie imitations. Either way, they look great.

A very cool space. Congrats (late) to Fyrefly and Kiwi Street- so proud of our friends!

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  1. EEeeee, bad news about the computer. Thankfully, you were able to fix it!

    Umm, I pretty much just want my entire house to look like that studio. I'm not lying. It looks so great!


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