Thursday, June 9, 2011

Airplane Banner Shirt- Free Templates!

H wore this shirt yesterday and I realized I hadn't blogged about it yet. So I did what any good blogger/ bad mother would do, and made him stand on a tall dining chair by the window so I could get some light on it for pictures. He was so confused, since he is not normally allowed to stand on those chairs, and kept yelling at himself, "Get down!" Even he knew I was being a bad influence :)

I made it for his birthday party a couple of months ago, and it was pretty much the only cute party thing that survived the crazy wind at the park that day. I kind of love it.

I've really starting to like doing applique with knit on knit. All these pieces I just cut from my stash of old t-shirts. Since the edges don't fray, you don't have to use a zig-zag stitch or anything that goes over the edge. A straight stitch does the job nicely. 

I like the way the edges kind of curl up a little too. The tee material still works with HeatnBond just as well. But since the edges can be curly, it's much easier to iron the fusible web onto a big patch of material first, then cut out your shape from that- as opposed to cutting out the shape from the material first and then trying to attach a little piece of fusible web in the exact same shape. (Does that make sense?)

The airplane banner wraps around the back and celebrates his two-ness. I'm glad I just put "2" on it and not anything that says birthday, so now he can keep wearing it all summer.

For the strings connecting the banner to the tail of the airplane, just cut 2 thin strips of the white tee and tug at the ends to make them curl up on themselves. Then stick the ends in place under the appliques when you iron them onto the shirt. Stitch around everything, and they hang out nicely. They are a little stretched out in this picture after he wore it all day, but they always tighten back up in the wash.

So here are the templates for you to download. I did not include the 2, because you can put whatever you want on your banner. Also, the plane windows are just three little squares I stuck on there. Use it for whatever, but I'd LOVE to see if you make something with it!

Airplane template -

Banner/clouds template -

Like making boy shirts? See more here. Happy Summer Boy Week!


  1. Hi Jessica,

    wow... fantastic your plane with his sweet banner! A wonderfull idea and a especially birthday shirt for your son! Wonderfull! Celebrate the boys :-)
    many greetings

  2. I'm going to use this on the next tee I make for H. I'm also going to ask the husband if I can cute up more of his clothes, he loves that.

  3. What an adorable shirt! You're so creative. I never would have thought of that. I'm thinking of making one for myself now. :)

  4. Very cute! I love that you added the templates for making it, thanks :)

  5. I just Love it!!! Redding is crazy about airplanes and I have been looking for pics of airplanes to applique with. Thanks!!!

  6. Thanks so much! I've searched for an airplane outline for a project such as this and came up empty-handed in the past. This shirt is absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hello! I found you via Dana and Rae's roundup (I made the fox bib, BTW) and in scanning your blog I see a lot of stuff to love! I've now subscribed via Google Reader. Congrats on your new baby girl!


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