Thursday, December 8, 2011

LTTSA: Your Puppet Theaters, Winners, and Business

Whoa. Your theaters? AMAZING. I know you already saw them, because that's the point of a link party, but here's a review in case you missed it. 

Puppet Theater almost done!
Sarah's colors are just perfect. And how much do you love that little round window?

Alisa did a super- creative rainbow look. (It totally reminds me of the rainbow road level on the original MarioKart. Anyone?)

The brilliant Stacia decided to make it a pirate ship and it came out stupendously! And guess what? She doesn't even own the book, she just really wanted to make this for her son. She's a pirate of sewing. Yar.  

Sarah's attention to detail kills me! Her little windows are perfect. And I love the bows on the curtains. 

I'm so excited that you guys made this! Isn't it cool how completely different each one is? Lots of other cute projects this month too, can't wait to make some of those mittens and hats. 

Onto the winnings...

Out of all ten entries this month, the winner of the 2 pattern pack from Owly Baby is Sarah of Heirloom Farmhouse!

And who gets all this great loot? According to, out of the 4 puppet theaters made, it's Sarah B!  The Sarahs sweep all. I'll be emailing you ladies.

So on the Sew-Along schedule I said we'd be making the winter hat from the book, or it would be a good time to take a break. Well, that's still true. I do plan on making one of those hats for Elsie this month, but I'll also be taking a break from doing any more sew-along posts until January. I have no prizes or anything, so feel free to make whatever, but we won't have a LTTSA link-up. I was thinking it might be fun to just have a link-up the week after Christmas where anyone can post their favorite handmade gift they gave this year? It would be great to see what other kinds of things all the sew-alongers make, and to include anyone and everyone else.

 But then we'll be back with a bang in January. All those new bears and dollies will need cute little carriers, right?


  1. What, I missed all the links to the theaters. They are amazing! I'm starting one next week, but I have a confession, when you put in me front of a canvas, I think paint. So I might be painting mine and adding a little fabric. Anyways, so much talent here!!! You guys are awesome.

  2. oh WOW these all came out so well. I'm in awe...
    I'm just hoping to finish mine before Christmas Morning! hahaha. I've also got a slew of little bitties that will need a sweet little gift and I'm pretty excited about the winter hat from the book. We'll have to post up post-holidays!

  3. It's fun to see the different versions of the very cute puppet theater, even though I didn't play along. Cute, cute! The pirate ship is adorable.

  4. I love how different all the puppet theaters turned out!

    And eeeeeee! I'm so excited my name was pulled for the goodies! Thank you!

  5. these are all amazing! good work ladies :)

  6. Yahoooooo! I loved seeing everyone's puppet theaters... and learning I won two free patterns! Awesome! Thanks! I don't know if my email is on my profile or not, but here it is: :)

  7. These are all so much fun - and so CREATIVE! Great job everyone!

  8. Those puppet theaters are so incredible! Way to go, everyone who made them!

    I think it would be fun to have the handmade gift link-up after Christmas. I'd love to see what others gave as gifts (ideas for next year!).

  9. Great to meet you in person today! Hope I get to see you around Sewn often!



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