Thursday, September 11, 2014

Around the World ... hop. I'm trying to trick you into ignoring that whole "blog hop" business by not putting it in the title. Did it work?

No, but really this is a pretty fun idea for a blog hop. The very sweet René of René Creates invited me to participate. It's always fun when you get to just talk about what you like to create and not actually make anything new for the blog hop :)

I "met" René almost three years ago when I made her a quilt for a Flickr swap. Ever since then, she has sent me Happy New Year cards with pictures of her beautiful quilts on them. Is that not the sweetest thing you've ever heard? Seriously, she's the nicest,  plus she makes some gorgeous quilts. And then we got to meet in person this past April when we were both at the MQG Sewdown here in Nashville. Totally just as sweet in real life!

So I'm gonna dive right into the blog hop questions and maybe toss in some Instagram pictures.

Instagram picture, in your face!

1. What quilting/sewing thing am I working on? 

Well I think I told you guys before that I was searching for a job. I got one! YAHOOO!! I'll be working as a full-time reading intervention specialist in an elementary school, and working on getting my teaching license back to legit status in the meantime. So I've been wanting to sew some grown-up-ish work clothes for myself lately. I've made a few tops, have a Washi dress halfway done, and some fabric pre-washed and ready for a Moneta. Plus a ton of other patterns I really want to try for myself at some point. Phew! I haven't started work yet because there is a bunch of background checks and pee testing involved when you work at a school, so I've basically been sewing like a fiend for a couple weeks while the kids are at school. 

Ruby Top I made for job interviews. I need to blog this one for real soon, I love it!

I also finished 3 quilts that were all about 6-9 month old projects, and have big sewing plans for another (gasp!) FILM PETIT!! I know, it's been far too long and we are really excited for this one. Can't put a firm date on it, but it's coming friends. 

Quilt I just finished up for a sick relative.

2. Why do I write/create what I do? 

My reasons for creating are probably pretty similar to a lot of bloggers/sewsters/quilters out there. But sometimes, there doesn't have to be a good reason for it. All the reasons we come up with kind of just serve as excuses to feed our creative compulsions, right?  Oh, is someone sick/ sad/ lonely/ ran a marathon/ got the hiccups? I MUST make them something! I just like doing it for me and for others who might enjoy my handmade gifts. Maybe some people don't, but keep it to yourself, you're getting a quilt dammit!

Some blocks for a charity quilting bee

I also love creating just about anything for my kids. There are so many little needs in a kid's life that sewing can fulfill with tons of extra love- things like a shirt for purple day, or a nap time blankie for school, or a skull & crossbones bag for your pirate puzzle. They are little things, but I can make them. I love that. I don't think Hendrix and Elsie realize that most moms don't make all that crap for their kids. But when they do, I hope they will remember it making their childhoods full of creativity and love in the form of fabric and thread. 

Elsie and I sewed this school blankie together- she picked everything out!

I think the whole messy-making thing is rubbing off on them. 
We made a lot of animals and robots and dragons out of trash this summer!

3. How does my writing/creating process work?

However I can squeeze it in and make it work! I think I need to focus on streamlining my creative process and really learning more about how I work that way. I've been reading Twyla Tharp's The Creative Habit and it's really making me think about all of that stuff. Especially with this transition into full-time working, evenings with the kids and school work, and falling into bed at 10pm like an old lady, sewing time won't come easy. I don't want to work on things that are just obligations or the popular sew-along of the week. I want to enjoy every second and make only things I'm thrilled with. So is that an answer? I guess how my creative process works is that it really needs some work.

 Mini quilt I started in April- this one will hang on my wall for me to enjoy. 

Next on the blog hop, I'm tagging three friends who are SO inspiring in their creativity, and who I've been lucky enough to sew/eat/drink/laugh with in person: 

I miss you girls like the desserts miss the rain.

Thanks for inviting me René! Make sure to check out her work over here- that incredible heart quilt!!


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  2. Ooops. I had a typo in comment and had to delete. Wonderful post Jessica!! It's nice to learn more about your creative process. I admire your sewing skills not only the grown up garnet sewing but all the amazing sewing you've done for your kids! I'm enrolled in Rachel's Angled camp so I recognize that bee block. Congratulations on the new job. Best wishes on the transition. Oh and thank you for the extremely complimentary remarks ;-))) reminds me...I need your new mailing address for the next round of quilty cards ;-)))

  3. Jessica, love the ruby top. It looks lovely on you. (...looking forward to your future blog post on that ;)

  4. I love this post. You make cute stuff. What a great idea for a blog hop. Keep sewing!

  5. so many things!
    1. thank you for tagging me. i am actually excited to do a post. i don't hate you, honest.
    2. yay for the new job! i love the ruby top. so very professional.
    3. the moneta is a great pattern. i am a total garment bonehead and it wasn't too difficult for me. plus, it's my favorite dress shape ever. if i had more time i would make a dozen more.
    4. film petit! i am seriously so excited.
    5. i so agree about not wanting to jump in on popular sew-alongs. if i had more time i totally would. but it's pretty telling that the one time i did this (the scrappy trip-along) resulted in me having two unfinished quilt tops lying around, which never happens to me. ugh.
    oh, and i miss you, too!

  6. yep. great interview. i like how you talk about the compulsion to make stuff for whatever occasion - hiccups included. i am bummed that with the baby and "other blog obligations" i don't feel like i have much time to drop everything and sew like that these days, which is kind of a bummer. but obviously the stuff i'm working on is fun too, like FILM PETIT!!! woo! up top!

  7. Best (secret) blog hop post ever! So glad to have you on our Love circle team. I got your beautiful blocks, by the way, and they rock!

  8. I miss you! You're awesome and I hope your first day rocks.


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