Saturday, January 30, 2010

Baby Gift: Fabric Blocks

I made these yesterday for friends whose adorable baby boy was born last month.

Please don't ask me his name, that's private...

They are easy to put together, just a lot of squares to cut. It's basically this, plus the letter appliques. 

And I put jingle bells inside. 

"Hey, when are you going to make me something?"


  1. I saw similar fabric blocks at IKEA just the other day, but yours are incredibly cooler. By the way, I love reading this blog it's great. It also causes me to miss you.

  2. I made some of those a while back. One big one with his initials on it... and two smaller ones.... but I just used fabric that I had on hand. It would be fun to make some with really cool fabric.. and I love the little ribbon loops.

  3. That face never fails to melt my heart.I like the blocks, very cute.

  4. KIRA my love! I didn't know you read this- thanks for making your presence known :)

  5. McRider, you are so creative! Was just scrolling through a few of your posts and I am very impressed! Very cute, very resourceful and the comments are very Jessica! I wish I were near as creative/not-lazy!


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