Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm the Veener!

I actually won a giveaway! I never normally enter those giveaways on craft sites, partly because most of the time it's nothing I'm interested in winning, and partly because there are always like 300 entries and what's the use anyway...

But this was something I really wanted to win- a free online art workshop with Alisa Burke! Her style is so unique and fun- I'm really excited about doing the class. I've decided to try the Recycling Remix, which is basically about turning trash into art with supplies around your house. I will definitely be showing you what I learn and make.

In unrelated news, I bought a bit of new fabric yesterday. Well, it's more like loads of new fabric. But it's ok, because I had a gift card to The Needle Shop. Some wonderful friends got it for my birthday this year- all because my overachieving husband threw me a surprise birthday party and told everyone he invited to get me fabric/ gift cards for fabric. He is pretty good.

Anyway, I'll have to tell you more about that later, but here are my new beauties:

Kokka Echino Etsuko Furuya (japan)

Antler Damask by Joel Dewberry

Dolce Buds by Tanya Whelan

Suzuki by Alexander Henry

Lotus by Amy Butler

Del Hi Paisley by Valori Wells

Tablecloth by Anna Marie Horner



  1. I love the Del Hi Paisley and Antler Damask the most.

    Yeah for winning a giveaway, it's fun!!!

  2. Hello Jessica!! Congrats on winning! For some reason I am having problems sending everything to your email- can you confirm your email for me? Thanks!!

  3. Congrats on the giveaway AND all the new fabric. What a good idea for useful gifts! Can't wait to see all the crafty projects that ensue :)

  4. Beautiful, fabric always makes me excited as you know. I'm inspired to quilt, maybe start on my Charleston quilt. The Recycle Remix class looks really good, congrats on winning it.

  5. Hey Alisa, sorry there is something wrong with that email and I can't figure it out. Try sending it to Thanks!


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