Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cincy Shopping

Maybe I should say Cincy window shopping, since I have never once bought anything from either of the stores I am telling you about. But I have been to both many times just for a little fun and inspiration. The truth is, I'm not a big shopper and there is no way I would spend the money on any of the really amazing things in these shops. But there are definitely smaller affordable items in both.

You can find Mica 12V on Vine and 12th, of all places. It's a beautiful shop that carries both local artists and world-famous designers. You can lust over Angela Adams rugs while drooling over Cincy's own Three Sheets 2 the Wind's home textiles. Everything is uber-stylish.

But my all-time favorite place for swanky eye candy is called High Street, on Reading Road. The outside of the building is one of the places Shepherd Fairey installed a mural over the summer. This shop is really for high dollar interior designers to find their goods. I could imagine David Bromstad frequenting if he lived here. I think they also have an in-house design team for hire. Anyway, I always feel like I've stepped into London or something walking around in there. And I feel like I must have snuck in, because surely they have style-standards for who they let in a place like this.

Tomorrow, I'll show you my favorite places within walking distance from our house. Hendrix and I go on a lot of walks.


  1. love the blue chair!!

  2. I totally took a photo of that same blue chair from High Street, too, when I went for the first time a couple of years ago! I can't believe it's still there!


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