Friday, July 20, 2012

Fall Fabric Sneaky Peeks

(Business first: The winner of Wednesday's Peekaboo pattern giveaway is commenter #45 Rhonda D. Congrats! I'll be emailing you!)

If you are new here, you may not yet know that I work in a pretty little fabric shop called Sewn Studio. (See some of my pictures of it here.)

As if it wasn't fun enough to work in a place filled with great fabric and people who love sewing, sometimes there are extra special perks. This week, that meant getting to be in a meeting with the Freespirit rep and see all kinds of fabric lines that haven't even previewed online or at Quilt Market yet.

I thought you might enjoy seeing just a little of what I saw, although there aren't tons of pictures. It was just what I could snap on my phone while trying not to be too annoying to my boss, who was actually trying to make thoughtful decisions about ordering all this stuff.

This is Joel Dewberry. Collection is called Notting Hill and I think it's due out in November. There are two other colorways, but this was my favorite and I think it may be the one we ordered. I love the plaid and that art deco-ish print that's above it. And how fun are those scandinavian looking round flowers?

Valori Wells. I totally missed the name of this, but it's got really great color combos. Love the yellow flowers, and REALLY love those tear drop-ish prints in the upper right corner. (Sorry, hard to see those.)

 New Parson Gray by David Butler. I like that he used a lot more of the warmer colors in this one. Those overlapping circles are very very cool.

Very excited by this one! It's Jay McCarroll. (Again, missed the name of it.) Of course I love the city buildings and maps. Plus the pops of hot pink are killer. But I'm most drawn to that print in the upper left corner. I need to make myself a garment of some sort in that one. 

And we got to comb through the actual fabric samples of Anna Maria Horner's Field Study, which you've probably already seen and is due out next month. Totally had that Moonrise Kingdom feel that I'm so in love with right now. And of course, the genius-level AMH use of color you've some to expect.

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw these in real time on Tuesday. I'm pretty addicted to it now, so if you fancy following me on IG, I'm alittlegressica.

One more thing to share in Sewn Studio news- we are having a giveaway on our blog for one Figgy's pattern of your choice. Enter here.

Have a great weekend! I'll be sewing and hopefully pooling :)


  1. if jay mccarroll wasn't gay and i wasn't married i would totally stalk him make him fall in love with me and marry him! i have loved him since he was first on project runway! this is so fun jessica!

  2. So, since you probably have bad days sometimes and maybe sometimes forget about it, I felt like I should go ahead and point out that your job totally ROCKS!!! I would so love to be able to see all those prints in advance and ponder over them and decide what to carry. So cool!!

  3. OOh! Thanks for the fabric porn. It looks amazing! I love the Valori Wells. I couldn't agree more with you about the Parson Gray circles. And who does not want that AMH! I have been obsessing about it for so long now. Its probably unhealthy how much I'm looking forward to getting that line. LOVE! Thank you for being our girl on the inside!

  4. Yum! Especially love the new Parson Gray and the Jay McCarroll buildings print. Thanks for the preview!

  5. What an amazing peek! I think that might be my most fav Joel Dewberry line yet, that's excited!! And I agree, those Scandinavian style flowers are so great!!

    I Can't wait for Field Study! I'm going to try to not buy anymore fabrics until I can get my hands on all of it in August( although, I'm still not sure of the animal print), and I also want much more Indie! Do you like that collection??

    1. oops -- that's exciting is what I meant to write! Gah!!

  6. Oh, exciting! I am obsessed with the first yellow floral one on the left hand side! Pretty!!

  7. so exciting! you have an awesome job ^_^
    I really like the Valori line. Those florals are great! Of course the AMH is yummy.

  8. thanks for the sneaky peeks! love it all for sure, especially the joel dewberry. the fancier flowers look so william morris-esque, and i totally swoon over william morris.

  9. Oooo! I saw a picture of thew new Jay McCarroll on a blog a few days ago and it looks amazing! I must have some of it when it comes out. Love the Joel Dewberry fabrics as well. I love fabric previews!

  10. That's fun, Jessica! I really like the Joel Dewberry collection too. I liked many of the prints, the more I looked at it.

  11. Great preview, thanks. Will have to add the Joel dewberry to my wish list

  12. LOVE the jay mccarroll. And please can I have your job? ;)

  13. I pretty much love all of these! I'm especially looking forward to the Jay McCarroll and Joel Dewberry lines. Nice, nice!


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