Monday, December 10, 2012

Field Study Pillow (and Winners!)

 Last month was my buddy Kristin's birthday and I wanted to make her something she'd love. You probably know her for being my partner in crime for Film Petit and an all-around genius seamstress, but she also listens to all kinds of craziness from me and some days keeps me going sewing wise. So the pressure was on to make something that would impress even the best of sewists.

The design is a granny square made like this tutorial, except I started the squares at 3.5" instead of 2.5" and added a 3.5" sashing. I also used beautiful Anna Maria Horner Field Study fabric from Sewn Studio that I knew Kristin liked.

Then I decided to just try something crazy I'd never done before. Great potential to completely screw up something beautiful that you just made= weird sewing rush. I don't know, maybe that's just me?

So I outlined the seams of the squares with straight lines and then did dense pebble quilting all around the white part. I have done some loopy free motion quilting a few times before, but it still doesn't come easy to me. This kind was stressful. It took a long time. It used a gigantoid amount of thread. When I was done, my shoulders ached and I pretty much hated the way it looked. I shoulda had some wine to relax while I was doing it. But after I put the back on and finished the pillow up with a zipper, it magically became better. I loved it. I wanted to keep it, which is a great feeling to have when you've made a gift for a sewing friend. (I liked it so much, I actually made the pillow top up again exactly the same way for our own couch! That probably won't get finished up until after Christmas though...)

These are both pictures Kristin took of the pillow on her bed. It looks pretty great in her room! You can read more on what she thinks here. Thank goodness for good sewing and blogging friends.

I haven't forgotten about the winners of last week's giveaway! The winner of one full set of my hand stitched Charlie Brown Christmas ornaments is...

#64 Bree!

"ack!!! Those ornaments are seriously to die for!!!!!
My favorite tv special was Emmitt Otter's Jugband Christmas. It was actually a tv special before I was born, and my mom recorded it on vhs. I totally wore the VHS out! My favorite christmas movies are the tim allen Santa Clause trio now, but those were never a tv special :) I can go on alllllll day about Christmas movies!"

The winner of one yard of Jay McCarroll's Habitat fabric is...

#58 Sara!

"I love the charlie brown christmas actually, especially the music. Can't believe you have the drop cloth fabric - awesome!"

I'm so glad to know they are enthusiastic about their prizes! I'll be emailing you both, congrats. 


  1. Love the pillow, and your quilting is fab. Need to make one of these now!

  2. I love this pillow, Jessica! I looks so perfect in Kristin's room!

  3. Aw girl, thanks so much again. Every time I see that pillow it makes me so happy. I love that sewing/the internet has brought us together! You're such a good friend. :)

  4. It's perfect, Jessica! What a lucky friend! I really love the fabric and the quilting too!

  5. I love pebble quilting for pillows that are going to be used a lot (more like abused by my wild urchins). It keeps things from shifting around and they look nicer, longer.

  6. That is absolutely gorgeous, Jessica!! Did you do all those little circles free-motion? Lucky Kristin!!

  7. Yayayayay! I was really hoping for the drop-cloth - can't find it in that colorway :)

    Thanks so much! (and your quilting skills are way beyond me, it looks so polished)

  8. i love that pillow jessica! you are amazing!

  9. sucks that it was such a nightmare to make, but it is GORGEOUS!!! I love it, and the pebbley quilting! And sad I missed the charlie brown ornament giveaway those things ROCK.


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