Monday, April 22, 2013

KCW: Liberty Ice Cream Blouse

Whenever I make big plans for Kids Clothes Week, it never works out that well. So this time I've decided to keep expectations very low and just sew what I can sew. Sounds like good clean fun to me. 

But the part that really kills me is trying to photograph and blog things. That NEVER happens in a timely fashion. So I'm getting rid of that pressure too and I'll probably just post one or two fuzzy instagram pics here. If I actually spent the time trying to get good pictures of projects, I would not have time to sew the next one. And this week is about sewing, because my kids really need some warm weather clothes! If you are horrible at following blogs (like I am), just keep up with me there- alittlegressica. And of course, we'll all be having a party in the KCW flickr group. 

I actually finished this Oliver & S Ice Cream blouse on Saturday because yesterday was our joint birthday party for Hendrix and Elsie. I can't believe I now have a 4 year old and a 2 year old!

I used my favorite print from Bloomsbury Gardens by Liberty LIfestyle. I got it at Sewn of course, and now I want to sew all her clothes in LL. It's just so soft and gorgeous for garments. My friend at the party told me she could tell I made it just because it looked like such quality fabric. And of course, this pattern is one of my favorites. This was my first time making the blouse view and it's very quick.

Do you like her matching mustache?


  1. Very nice! I love the fabric. I am hoping they will release this pattern digitally soon, so I can get a hold of it and try it out!

  2. Hey we both have four year olds and two year olds right now! COOL! Not for long, though. Love this blouse, super cute on Elsie.

  3. Happy birthday Hendrix and Elsie!

    I love the Ice Cream's super cute.

  4. I adore this top and I love that print so much I want it for me! :)

  5. Nice! Classy and cute. Especially the mustache.

  6. Happy Birthday! That is my favorite print too. Why did I never get any? Going to visit Sewn now.

  7. just catching up on all your projects- this top is so incredibly pretty. I love this print and the color coordinating mustache is the perfect touch.


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