Sunday, November 15, 2009

Columbus or Bust? Bust.

So our trip to Columbus for the Tiny Canary craft market did not materialize. Instead we all spent most of the morning in the ER with a very sick HG. He's ok, turns out it's just an ear infection and he's doing much better than yesterday.

Friday morning I was at a friend's house watching their kids, and apparently not watching my own very well. I was on the couch giving one of the girls a bottle while HG piddled around in the kitchen. Then I heard a gi-normous crash. I practically threw baby girl on the ground (not really) and ran over to find him on his back, on the hardwood, with a huge kitchen chair pinning him down! How the heck did this little 19 lb beast pull that thing over!?!?!

He scREAMed for 30 minutes straight. Being a 7 month old that thinks he can walk already, he has had a few head bonks, but he gets over them very quickly. So this worried me. Then he vomitted all over me and my friend's carpet. Not a great day to give him blueberries for breakfast. Gross. This also worried me. I called a nurse friend and then the pediatrician's office. They said to bring him in. My friend came home from work and I dashed to the doctor, singing and yelling in the car in a failed attempt to keep him awake.

He saw the nurse practitioner, she said his head looked fine. Ok, went home.

The kid was miserable all afternoon. Very whiny, wanting to be held, kept falling asleep on us- which he NEvER does. But then he couldn't sleep very long and would just be miserable again.

Friday night, he never slept more than 30 minutes at a time, so neither did I. Actually, that's not true, his wonderful father went up to his room and let him sleep on his chest from 5:30-7:30. Poor thing.

I called my dr's office back Saturday morning and never got to talk to a doctor, but the np told me to take him to the ER. This was a little alarming.

Anyway, I will spare you all the details of the hospital trip, but turns out he had a high fever from an ear infection which 3 different doctors said was totally unrelated to his fall. So weird. This kid has never been sick a day in his life yet, and he was perfectly fine before falling.

This would have been nice to find out at the doctor's office to avoid the $200 hospital co-pay. But when your normally very happy kid is that miserable and pathetic, you don't really care. And it was better to be safe and know that he didn't have some kind of head-trauma or whatever.

Anyways, having a sick and screaming baby is not fun and breaks a mommy's heart. Glad my parents were here to help though. Hopefully I can fit in some therapeutic sewing this afternoon...or at least shopping.

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  1. Yikes! Never knew any of this...except the kitchen chair part. Hopefully he is feeling better. Poor guy and parents!


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