Friday, November 13, 2009


Just wanted to show you some onesies I made a while back. This was my inspiration. They are really fun and easy to do. In fact, a couple weeks ago I threw a baby shower for a friend where everyone decorated a onesie using this method with fabric (I'm going back over them with my sewing machine, hopefully before the baby gets borned.) People also used tulip fabric paint and iron-ons and they all came out really cute. Everyone had a blast. Anyway, here are a few of mine...

I still have the yellow butterfly laying around here somewhere... everyone I know is having a boy. So leave me a comment if you know a baby girl you want to give it to! (It's size 0-3 mos.)

I leave you with some HG adorableness from a few months ago...

You can't really see, but he is wearing one of my "muchacho" designs here. And speaking of my mom...she should be here in about 20 minutes! Can't wait to tell you all about Tiny Canary!


  1. um i didn't know about this blog or your onesie craftiness. are you etsy-ing or what? fill me in!

  2. well...I just started this like a week ago. For craftiness sake. And no, I don't have an Etsy shop. Yet?


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