Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cincicrafti Spring

So remember when I went to the Crafty Supermarket back in the fall? Well, today there is a spring one, even bigger and better than the last. For some reason, I did not know about this until 10:30 this morning, thanks to Olivia. (What a good blogity-blogging friend!)

There were about 50 vendors this time, up from 20, and I loved them all! No really, I didn't see one single thing that wasn't really cool and inspiring.

All the old Cincy favorites were there again, including Kitsch CafeMorninglori, and Visual Lingual. And I learned about a few artists that are new to me-

I really love these necklaces from Yellowberry. They remind me of those friendship bracelets we used to make in grade school.

These earrings by Red Raven Studios make me wish I wore earrings. They also had a slew of gorgeous belt buckles at the show. 

And this really fun wristlet by Buzz was my only purchase of the day. The artist described it as "tennis-preppy," which I thought was really funny. All of the supplies she uses are recycled vintage, even the zippers and thread. So there you go earth, happy earth day. 

If you are local, get down to Clifton- there are still over 3 hours left of handmade goodness!
(info here.) 


  1. I really love those earrings!

  2. Very cool! I wish I had a craft fair near me...or maybe I do, and I just haven't discovered it yet! :) Ditto on the them!!


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