Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Handmade Birthday Shirts

This was H's party outfit. He's a jeans and t-shirt kind of kid. My original plans were to make a LilBlueBoo Hoodie for him (I even bought the pattern.) But during birthday week, something had to give. So I kept it simple with this appliqued design, and freezer paper stenciled the words. 

He wanted to rock the 90's with his sleeves rolled up. I didn't argue.

And I had to show you the most awesome toddler t-shirts ever. Our friend Jason made them, knowing we would appreciate a handmade gift. But handmade and our 2 favorite shows? aMAZing. 

Buster Bluth

The "gang."
(I did a double take before I realized he had put the three of us in there with Mac and Frank. Classic.)


  1. ok so nick and I just laughed out loud! Those shirts are incredible! Your friend should sell them! Even a little girl may wear them! haha

  2. Those shirts are great! Loving the Buster one! And Hendrix looks like a happy birthday boy!

  3. That Always Sunny shirt is AMAZING!!! And I love all the attention to detail you have...even his birthday shirt was crafty and sweet!

  4. that second pic of hendrix the face he's making is sooooo nick. love that little guy. and hendrix too. yeah, not a real funny joke, i know.


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