Tuesday, May 4, 2010

OBSESSED WITH: the "New" Houseplants

1. Arrangements by Succulent Love
2. Wreath tutorial here
3. Make an air plant chandelier here
5. Apothecary jar terrarium

So pretty and so low-maintenance. Maybe I will start a whole hanging-terrariums-garden thing in our bedroom... 


  1. I think the hanging air plant geranium things are my fave...I love them! Especially love that you could choose rope, or even ribbons or something else to hang them with. Such an easy way to customize a decoration! :) Love!!

  2. Ah I love those too, only I never have any luck keeping plants alive. Even those air plants (#3/4); I bought some in college and diligently hung them in front of a sunny window and still managed to kill them. My thumb is so un-green! (It's still on my list to try a terrarium, too, and hope that it fares better!)

  3. Oh my, I love these. I'm very attached to the spider that I cut from yours which has died but lives on in my kitchen. These are all beautiful and I just might try them all. Thanks for the inspiration.


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