Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pillowcase dress, minus the pillowcase.

This week my little friend Lily turned one. She was born just five weeks after HG, so poor girl has been betrothed since the beginning. Sorry Lily, you have no choice. Maybe we can just fool her into believing that we live in a betrothal kind of society and that's the way everyone does it. It's no worse than telling her to believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny.... oh, you're saying it is worse?

Well, whatever, they're getting married. I made a little dress for my future daughter-in-law. Her parents haven't seen it yet, but she came over so I could watch her this morning, and I got to try it on. I was so glad it fit, because I was just guessing at the measurements last night.

 "What? You're taking my picture? Oh, I was just lying here nonchalantly."

I love the showcase of those chubby little baby shoulders. I might need to make her 5 more this summer. She's just the cutest. 

I used the Prudent Baby instructions. Pretty soon, that is the only site I will need to find out how to make anything! However, late last night I did not have any bias tape like they call for, so I used that blue ribbon to finish the armholes. I wouldn't recommend it, there is probably a reason you should use bias tape. 

Anyway, happy first birthday to beautiful Lily! Her party is Sunday, so you will be seeing fun pictures of that next week!


  1. Jessica, this is adorable!! I love it! and the mothers day book you made is awesome!! I love your spin on it!

  2. Jessica, I've been trying to email you but for some reason it won't go through.

    I want to let you know your yellow and black party is rotating in our Party of the Day on our homepage. Please check it out and see what you think.

    To view it in rotation click here:

    To view it with a permalink (so you can send it to your friends), click here:

    We love the party, thanks for adding it, and please let me know if you add another so we can showcase it as well.

    All the best,



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