Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just Beat It (some boy clothes)

That's Hendrix's favorite song. It has been for months. Sometimes we stray into other MJ territory, like Bad or Black or White, even Jam. But we always come back to Beat It. The other day it was disgustingly hot and he still insisted on wearing his jacket because he was dancing to Beat It; you know, like the red one in the video. He was dripping sweat. As my friend said, art is pain. 

I made those helicopter shorts from Dana's beloved pattern of course. (That tee is from my last round of boy clothes, you can check out here.)

This pair I refashioned from an old shirt of mine and lined up the pockets to be on the back. I love it when extra details can make themselves. 

I also freezer paper stenciled the little bike on this shirt. 
(*** Here is the image I used! I was too lazy to go upstairs to my printer, so I traced it right off the computer screen onto a square of freezer paper. Make sure you have the shiny side against the screen.)

I love a little boy in a muscle shirt. A grown man, not so much. I wonder when that threshold is officially crossed? I found 2-packs of these tanks at H&M and now I wish I had bought more. 

Do you wonder what he was looking at here? He peed himself right as I took this picture. Classic. 


  1. Great shirt and shorts!
    I MUST try out this freezer paper thing, it looks fantastical and very professional.
    Love from Austria

  2. love! especially the pockets on the shorts :)

  3. Hillarious! I love the freezer stenciling on the muscle shirt (and I think the threshold is probably close to the same time their little voices start cracking...maybe a little before!) I hope the pee came out OK :)

  4. Awesome stuff!!! Where did you find the helicopter fabric for the shorts? Redding is in love with "copters" right now. He quotes facts to us all day long from a documentary he seen apparently too much :)

  5. I LOVE the bike stenciled shirt! Did you freehand the bike design? If you found the image somewhere, could you point me in the right direction? My kids love anything with a bike on it!
    I also LOVE that you got an action shot of your son peeing himself! I hope you always remember that when you see that picture! :)

  6. Thanks everyone!

    I added the link for the bike image to the post if anyone is interested.

    Also, the helicopter fabric is Robert Kaufman, ready set go.

  7. Love it. Art is pain. Well, he's learning early...

  8. Found you through Made's flickr group. I love the refashioned shorts made from your shirt! I am going trying that this week. So cool. And yes, the picture of him peeing is classic! Awesome. - Sarah

  9. baha.. beat it.. is pain...I love it all! great upcycles for shorts too! Linked to your through Mama loves Papa.. nice to meet you.
    Mel :o)


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