Friday, July 22, 2011

On the Interwebs (with swaps, bees, and sew-alongs)

I had so much fun looking through the blog Advanced Style. I don't consider myself a very stylish person now, but maybe I'll learn by the time I'm 70-something...
"I don't want to look younger. I want to look great at any age."

 I don't really do much holiday decorating, even Christmas is pretty minimal around here, but I love this idea and really want to do it for Halloween. Heck, maybe I'll just do it for the premiere of The Walking Dead. Zombies!!

wall hangings

My iphone case busted so I bought a new one this week. Nick found this fantastic site full of independent artists' designs. We fought over who would get Steve Zissou, but in the end I got the faceted pattern. I really like the seahorse too though.

I joined a swap. Never done one before. I also joined a quilting bee. I may have gone a little quilting crazy... And it turns out the quilting community on Flickr is, um, flourishing. It's like I've joined a cult or something :)

The swap is called For the Love of Solids, so you know that's right up my alley. Here's my inspiration mosaic. Basically, your partner looks at this and a questionnaire you fill out so they can figure out what you like and what to make you.
For the Love of Solids

The bee is do. Good Stitches. I'm really excited to get started on our august quilt. We are making blocks in the style of this quilt, but with gray backgrounds. I can't wait to get started and to see what we all put together. Interwebs community art project for good.

Snippets Coin Quilt

And in case you missed it, I am starting a Sew-Along through the Oliver & S Small Things to Sew! Find out more here and leave a comment if you think you might like to join in. I'll be back next week with  more details.

Have a happy hot weekend everyone. We are lying low from this suffocating midwest heat, and hopefully doing a lot of sewing.

OH! And my first quilt is all finished. I'm in love. Pictures Monday.


  1. oooh, looking forward to pictures! and, so glad you joined our bee =)

  2. Oh I have to get that seahorse! Love those cases. I feel for you and that heat. I lived in Cinci for two years and as a California transplant it was quite a weather change.

  3. OMG! There are 383 pages of iPhone covers!!! How will I choose?!? Free shipping through Sunday so I better get on it.


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