Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fall Sewing- Big Plans I Say!


Have you guys ever read this book?


It's a BIG favorite in our house- among the young and old alike. 

That's how I feel about all my ambitious plans for what I am going to sew this fall. AND I WILL SHOUT THEM AT YOU FROM ON TOP OF A MOUNTAIN! Or just from right here.

First of all, I want to make a lot of my kids' fall wardrobe. Namely, both their coats, some Hendrix pants and some Elsie jumpers. Here's just a little of my inspiration:

1. Puppet Show Dress Modified, 2. red and teal jumper , 3. Big Uptown Girl Jacket, 4. Toggles, 5. Stripey top 1, 6. IMG_3740.jpg, 7. sailboat pants, 8. Kimono PJ top, 9. backpack

I want a lot of stripes, plaid, buttons, and fun trims. A lot of Oliver & S patterns. A lot of adorable details. Oh, and definitely a lot of the Robert K fine-whale corduroy we just got into the shop.

And of course, we are making the penguin backpack this month in the sew-along. How cute is that thing?

I was going to try to tackle sewing something for myself to wear this fall, like something actually tailored and requiring a pattern... but if I'm honest with myself, that sounds even more painful than shopping for something to wear. I'll stick with sewing for the kids while they are still young and wear whatever I want them too.

Moving on to my quilt inspiration. I pretty much want to make every quilt I see. This is a bit of a pocket book/ time/ obsession problem...

1. Linen Love with Lotta Jansdotter fabric, 2. Fresh Modern Bee - July block for Mandy, 3. Cross Your Fingers Quilt, 4. miscellany quilt, 5. Lightning zigzag tutorial is up, 6. finished Swoon quilt top, 7. For the Love of Solids Mini Quilt, 8. Grey and Yellow Quilt, 9. the blocks, 10. Big Zig Zag Quilt - Finished Frontwtmk, 11. Bicycles, Birds & Lime Sherbet 2011, 12. DQS9 from lizzy house, 13. Improv II for Rangsiwan, 14. Curved improv piecing cushion, 15. Kona challenge quilt, 16. baby Ingrid in progress

Do you see my problem here? I obviously love all these improv and geometrical looking modern designs. But I'm also a sucker for those traditional blocks in fabrics I love. Like that Swoon pattern that's so trendy now? Irresistible. And those summer sampler blocks are crawling under my skin slowly too. I've actually started a couple for work, but I might end up tackling the whole thing for a couch throw or something.

Speaking of the living room, I have also started hating everything in there for no reason at all and need to change everything that's not furniture.

I'm REALLY inspired by these curtains...

which were inspired by these curtains.

Why have I always had it in my mind that curtain panels had to actually be solid panels? I don't know,  piece them! Then of course, I will need all new pillow covers and something pretty on the walls. It never ends. 

So just to recap, the major staples of 2 kids' fall wardrobes, somewhere between 3 and 33 quilts, and a whole new look for the living room. Oh, and a penguin backpack and some Christmas gifts, whatever those will be. Totally reasonable. 

(Are you guys checking this out? Could I be any more of a Rachel groupie?)
Celebrate Color


  1. Such great inspiration!!! I am excited about Celebrate Color, too! : )

  2. So many great ideas. Stop making me want to quilt.

  3. Oh my gosh. I love that little girls pleated coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want one for me!!!!


  4. Yep, that's a big list! But there are some really fun things on it :) Thanks for including my Baby Ingrid there in your quilt mosaic.

    I need to jump on your sew-along. Cooper would go crazy for that penguin backpack! I sure wish I had your talent though to sew clothes!

  5. oh, I totally understand the 'big plans!' (Swoon being one of them!) There just isn't enough TIME in a day, is there?? And Celebrate Color looks like alot of fun!

  6. i've just recently started getting excited about fall sewing, too. everything's so cozy! great roundup, and thanks for including my sailboat pants in the mix! :)

  7. that looks like the cutest book ever!!! i want a copy, nope.. i need a copy! my little would LOVE it! who are the authors? (i am guessing two from the pic).

    i love love your inspiration board for sewing! now if i understood how to do it a little more :) i'm a part of the modern sewing group with shannon, of luvinthemommyhood, so maybe i'll branch out and try something a little more daring ;) LOVE the kiddie clothing and the backpack. also.. the quilts too ;)

  8. Your to-do (or should I saw want-to-do) list looks like mine! If only I could add in an extra day to each week that was just for me and I had 24 free hours...
    I love your inspirations! Kid's clothes, quilts, even the curtains!

  9. I love your list! I have a few of those on my project list, too. The quilts are gorgeous!

  10. Love, love, love, lurve that book in the beginning. That is like my life motto book. I need it framed. chuckle.

    Thank-you for saying that sewing for our kids is more reasonable/less painful. Yes, I need to hear that.

    Also, I am planning on making pieced curtains and only JUST realized I need to think about the seams on the other side, cause mine was going to be lots of pieces. dur.

    Hey, not a groupie. Just great taste, wink. wink. Sides, I stalk Anna Maria.

  11. I'm crazy over your kids sewing. Those are some seriously darling clothes! And the endless quilt list...I wish I had the time for that.

  12. wow lots of great inspiration there! I love your quilt mosaic. I'm really torn between modern improvisational quilts and quilts using traditional blocks...aaaargh need more hours in the day.


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