Friday, August 5, 2011

PR Episode 2: Dresses to Go Wee-Wee On

Ok, that title sounds a little critical. I actually thought that the designs were great overall this week. Not that there weren't major problems, but it gives me more hope for some of the designers than last week. I love the unconventional challenges and the creativity they require. The designers that embraced that idea really did the best.

First the top three:

Anthony- This dress definitely had my vote for winner this week. Hello, it's all bird seed and it's gorgeous. I did agree that it was a skosh short, (not surprising that Heidi liked it) but in runway fantasy world, we all have the legs to pull that off. I was excited to see something much more creative and pretty from Anthony than last week's merkin outfit. (By the way, do you read TLO? They totally called it a merkin too. Love it. I love reading their PR posts, which they do several of each week. But I'm not reading theirs before I write these posts so as to give my own pure unadulterated judgments, which of course I have no qualifications for.)

Joshua- Pretty much agreed with the judges up and down on this one. I wouldn't wear that top or anything, but it was genius the way he arranged aquarium beads to look like that. Then he ruined it with a bunch of distracting crap. 

Olivier- The little Brit-Asian Paper Doll won this week. I can see why the judges liked it. It's very high-fashion and editorial looking. And the skirt texture is very pretty. But I just don't think the shape is that flattering. However, my biggest problem with this is the judges complete double standard. They ripped the other Josh for making his top out of umbrella fabric, which was too conventional of a material. But they said NOTHING about Olivier using doggie bed fabric on his top. Isn't that just as conventional as umbrella fabric? Don't get me wrong, this design was much more interesting and pretty than Josh's, but I really thought that should have given Anthony enough of an edge to win over this. 

Oh, and who picks up an accent that thick when they are 16 and have lived in Columbus, OH their whole life? I'm just sayin. 

Moving on, the bottom three:

Bryce- I like Bryce. However, this was not good, for obvious reasons. And those might be the ugliest shoes I've seen in a long time. But I'm glad he wasn't cut, because I think he has some interesting ideas and I want to see more. It's got to sting when Heidi Klum says she wants to pee on your dress. (Which just reminded me of this very inappropriate but hilarious Chappelle Show sketch.)

Fallene- Kors summed it up so accurately when he said she should have candy corn teeth with this dress. Yikes. I know a lot of people think Fallene is all cute and quirky and artsy. But I don't think she's going to get by on that much longer. To me, she just seems like a girl who really likes Anthropologie and can bring to mind their style... but not as good.

Josh- Oh Josh. You are so nice but truly so uninteresting as a designer. I'll miss him, but I'm glad the judges ripped the band-aid off early with this one. He was just so fragile and emotional all the time, I felt like he could collapse into a nervous breakdown at any moment. It was getting hard to watch.

Some other designs of note:

Anya- Love how she did this top and how she styled this girl to be such a bad-ass. Anya has some definite style.

Becky- I have mixed feelings here. She was worried about it being too colorful, but that's the part I liked. It just comes off too costumey over all. And I don't know why she chose those shoes if she was worried about too many colors. They are awful.

Bert! You need a lecture on your attitude young man! I mean old man. I thought he was going to break the old-and-set-in-your-ways stereotype, but he just fulfilled it instead. Don't phone it in just because you have immunity, embrace the fun of the challenge. Also, don't make a dress with a boob tutu. Ever.

Danielle- I have a feeling she is not turning out to be that bitchy tv character that they tried to make her out to be last week. No superior attitude from her this week, or any personality at all for that matter. But both of her designs so far have been really chic and ready to wear. The fact that she made that skirt from the same wee-wee pads just shows how awful Bryce's skirt was. I'd wear this skirt in a minute... if I wore mini skirts that is. The styling is great too.

Laura- She's really milking that privileged glam-girl thing isn't she? While I don't like the strappy top, it is pretty cool that the skirt is just corrugated cardboard. Glad she scrapped her first skirt idea. It was, um, drafty to say the least. 

So pretty encouraging overall, considering all of this was made from pet-store materials. What did you guys think?


  1. 1. a BOOB TUTU. thank you for that.
    2. I want to love Fallene, but I think you're exactly right about her.
    3. Danielle is kinda boring, but I do like her clothes. But remember, Gretchen wasn't GRETCHEN until week 3-ish.
    4. I agree about the dog bed fabric/umbrella, but that dress was awesome.
    5. I liked the bird seed dress the most.
    6. Wasn't that the same style top that Anya made last week?

  2. I also think that Olivier got away with that dog bed top. Maybe it was because his skirt was pretty awesome and really addressed the challenge. But I thought the bird seed dress was better, even if it was too short. I thought the cardboard skirt turned out pretty good. I liked where she was going with the dog collar skirt, but I sure don't need to see that much of anyone's butt. So I'm glad she has the taste to edit it. I was extremely disappointed with Bert's attitude through the whole challenge, and then what he made wasn't even anything special (boob tutu, lol). Sigh. I wanted more from him.

    What is it about PR that they get these overly emotional guys? I mean, really! This isn't the only season, and please! Put on your big girl panties and deal! I'll admit I don't watch any of these shows for the drama. I LOVE the challenges!

  3. The birdseed dress should have won. Hands down. Also, I'm loving Anthony and looking forward to seeing his spat with Bert they're promising in the teasers.

    Bert. Disappointed doesn't even cover it. Ugh.

    Oliver... eh. I can see what the judges were saying. I mean, his outfit was filled with buzzwords: ombre, editorial, couture. But I just wasn't loving it. I do think he got away with a little, but def not to the level of Joshua. I think the big difference was that Joshua's "unconventional" piece was the puppies on puppies top and at least Oliver had the skirt. (also, that nursing triplets comment was prob the best of the night)

    I'm on the fence about Becky. I really want to like her (and I like her personal style), but her dress looked cheap - not to mention plasticky. I did think the style and colors were neat, though.

    Fallene... maybe she's more suited as a personal stylist than a designer? I am totally crushing on everything she wears, and I had high hopes for her, but it's not looking good.

    I agree with Dina that it was good Laura had the sense to edit the skirt and also it's pretty impressive that she didn't use and fabric. But holy privileged barbie. I'm over that.

    I'm really interested in Anya, though I'm still skeptical about the only sewing for four months bit. She's def at the top for knowing how to style her model. I hadn't thought about the shirt until I saw Liv's comment though... interesting.

    Who was the guy with the purple wee wee dress? I was loving that dress, but not him personally so much.

    And I'm glad Bryce is still in, despite that tragedy he sent down the runway. I saw zero redeeming qualities there, but I do think he has potential.

    Can't wait until next week :)

  4. I so agree with your thoughts on the last show. Um.....left the US at age 16 and picked up this little posh accent? I don't think so. And on the judge's double standard - yes! The birdseed dress deserved to win so hard. He made sunflower seeds look like feathers. Come on. Actually, I think it should have been the birdseed dress up against the GOOD wee wee pad skirt. That thing was bangin. The colors were gorgeous.

    My chuckles lasted uncomfortably long for an adult over the "I want to pee all over it" comment.

  5. Oh my Olivier, big eye roll. Totally fake me out with that accent. His top was well executed, but I kind of thought his "ombre" looked like someone had a potty accident in that skirt.

    My husband thought Laura would win, for what it's worth, and he can usually predict pretty well. I hate her attitude, though.


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