Sunday, September 25, 2011

LTTSA: Your Most Genius Ideas Ever

.... or you know, from the last two months.

Just wanted to do a little showing off of some really special and creative things you guys have added to your projects. It's really cool to see all these different takes on the same simple patterns. YOU GUYS ROCK.

Also, don't forget that the backpack link party will go up this Friday, September 30. I'll keep it open an extra week so everyone has a chance to catch up and add their project, then I'll do the drawing for the FREE Oliver & S pattern of the winner's choice (currently in print, of course.) Make sure you add your post even if I am showing it off here, and if you are playing along on flickr, I think you should be able to link your photo url, but if you have trouble just email me. Remember, messenger bags or any other project from the book counts.

I'm not doing any more how-to posts for this one, but if anyone has trouble, feel free to email me anytime-

 I'm sure you've probably seen Anne's adorable girlie penguin backpack, but I just had to make sure! She added a squeaker in the penguins nose (so it sounds like Pingu!) and a beaded zipper pull. I'm definitely adding some type of pull to mine now. Love it.

Tara added a really sweet tree applique to her backpack. Love how the bright reds pop!. 

This perfect little bird applique took it's cues from seeing this fun squirrel bag. Great to see some messenger bags and some shared inspiration. 

Everyone's hats last month were so unique and well-done. I really like the way Sarah added this cute boy-ish patch and contrasting topstitching.

 Liv added a bit of velcro to her daughter's hat so she could switch out bows and embellishment, and she really got creative on her son's hat by changing the brim shape entirely. Love the vintage military-inspired look!

Cecile chose to make the perfect rain hat for her daughter by using laminated cotton. I would love to venture out in the rain in those polka dots :)

Can't wait to see everyone else's backpacks soon! (Including mine... maybe I'll finish tonight?) 

I made the mistake of showing the front of it to him, so then he insisted on wearing it around his neck for a few days. It was pretty cute... and probably a pretty poor parenting decision on my part, what with the pins and all...


  1. Oh, goodness. That last picture kills me!

  2. Everyone's projects are coming together so nicely! I can't wait for Friday to see all of the bags! Now on the next one, that'll be cool to see how people customize the apron.

  3. Oh, so much great inspiration! I just may have to try a few more "little things" besides the backpack... like the messenger bag, and the hat, and the apron, and..... ;) The rain hat was such a good idea!

    Speaking of the backpack, I didn't think of how little time was left in Sept. when I signed on! LOL But that's a good thing... I need a good incentive to get this DONE! ;)

  4. Thanks so much for the mention! :) Sew-alongs are so fun! I love how differently everyone's hats turned out! I am slowly working on my little guy's backpack. September flew by much too quickly! I may post what I have done tomorrow, but I doubt it will be finished. :(


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