Tuesday, October 11, 2011

KCWC Day One

So if you don't know what Kids Clothing Week Challenge is about, let me explain just a little. Meg of the blog Elsie Marley runs it in spring and fall and challenges everyone who would like to join in to spend one hour a day sewing for your kids, for a week straight. Then we all add our creations to the flickr pool and blog about them and tell each other how awesome we are. Well, that's what blogging is always like, but this week is intensive and all about kids clothes.

So yesterday was the beginning- I think. Lots of people already had stuff made and blogged yesterday, but I didn't do my 1-2 hours until late last night, as usual. It's the blogging about it every day that might get really tricky...

Anyway, I made a fall dress for Elsie, who is nearly 6 months(!):

The pattern is the Charlotte Dress from Mama Stellato. I love this pattern. It's super quick to go together, but the options for details and embellishments are endless. If you have a daughter to sew for, this basic peasant dress pattern is a must. I know I'll use it over and over. 

I used fine charcoal corduroy left over from the penguin backpack, some AMH Innocent Crush for the sleeves, and bright pink 1/2 ric rac. Loving ric rac lately. It's funny how important finishing details have become to me in my clothes sewing. When you first start sewing, you are happy just to get through a pattern without puncturing any fingers or throwing your machine out the window. It's nice to feel comfortable making a pattern your own.

I even added a cute little tag in the back. It's actually a scrap from one of my Echino squares I cut into. It was almost painful to cut that first square up, but I'm glad I did. Well, I was glad now I'm a little angry...

See, this is the little quilty project that I'm using it for. Looks nice so far right?

Well, it has this happening all around the edges thanks to a certain 2 year old who got a hold of my thread clippers while I was at work and his dad was feeding his sister. Of course it's probably my fault for leaving my stuff out, but... grrrrrrrrrrrrrr! This one might have to go away for a while before I have the motivation to repair it. At least none of the Echino pieces were clipped into. 

On deck tonight for KCWC is two LBB Hoodies. I love patterns that I can use for both of them, and hope I can zip thru them assembly line style. 

Finally, some good news for those planning to make the LTTSA apron this month- Rachel from Mama Stellato has agreed to giveaway one of her pick 2 pattern packs to one of our lucky entries! And there are going to be two winners this month, I'll tell you about the other prize later this week. Anyone can join in the sew-along and link up their project to enter, check out more info here. 

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  1. a few things...

    1. kcwc is freaking awesome. i am loving it :)
    2. that dress is all kinds of adorable.
    3. there are no words for how much i love the tag (or how much i understand about cutting into echino. eek.)
    4. scissors. kids. ugh.

    random: i shared your bucket hat tips with a fellow kcwc blogger today and she just emailed me back to say how much easier you have made her life ;)

  2. Your dress is so cute! But OUCH on those little snips! I feel your pain.... :(

  3. the "when to sew, when to photograph, when to blog" question is the hardest part of KCWC. you're off to a great start! i love the dark gray and rose together. i have some echino that remains uncut! maybe that should be the real challenge - to cut into hoarded fabrics. :)

  4. I love it. It took me a second look on the flickr board to see it was corduroy and I love it, I have a similar pattern and I never thought cord, I do now! Also I think blogging for KCWC might take longer than the sewing... and you're making 2 hoodies tonight? I better get my butt down to my sewing machine!!!

  5. I love that charcoal corduroy! It works well for a fall dress.

    and yes, the blogging/posting pictures is probably the hardest part of KCWC. Especially when you're on a sewing roll!

  6. Awesome dress! And toddlers with scissors... Grrrrrr...

  7. I wish I'd heard of the KCWC beforehand. I would totally have joined in...I'll be on the look out come spring! Thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing what you're working on. The dress is stunning!!!!

  8. Oh noes! I'm sorry your kiddo got into trouble with the scissors. I hope you can fix it. I bet you can find a clever way to mask it, at least! The Echino tag is so smart. And I love the Mixed Signals print from Innocent Crush for the sleeves. Cute!

  9. Love the details on the dress- especially that sweet little enchino tag. The quilt clipping is kind of heart breaking. It looks like it will be awesome, though!

  10. a bit of fusible web or very light fusible interfacing (or iron-on batting tape) for the back of the cut pieces should do the trick.


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