Monday, January 27, 2014

Film Petit #11: Princess Bride

You'd be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't like this movie. Even if you don't remember how much you like this movie, watch it again... you will love it. 

Buttercup and Westley, the unstoppable love. They beat everything to be together. Pirates, princes, ROUS, even partial death. And every character and twist in the story along the way adds the hilariousity. 

For clothing, I wanted to sew useful wardrobe items for this one and still make for a fun photo shoot. Of course, I was inspired by Inigo Montoya- the Spanish fencer with a very overdeveloped sense of revenge, and Fezzick the giant. They aren't exact costumes, but I think what I came up with is a little cuter than head to toe brown and dingy pirate shirts!

I showed the kids a few silly sword fighting clips from the movie and they had no trouble getting into character. That's pretty much every day in our house- Elsie is crafty and vindictive while Hendrix remains the gentle and happy big brother. Plus swords and chasing. 

It was REALLY fun to get to take these photos in a friend's incredible home that is basically a castle built in the 19th century. Thanks so much Sara! It was perfect for this movie, especially that ornate dining room. Reminds me of where Inigo finally kills his 6 fingered enemy. The only problem was my conflicted mom instructions that day: "Ok, fight each other, put your swords up! You're pirates!"  "Whoa, stop running! Come back! You are going to destroy lots of very old expensive things!" Poor kids. 

 They were most excited about the eyeliner I scribbled all over their faces. They've been asking for facial hair every day since. I do like the chops on Hendrix.

For Elsie's outfit I made a Charlie Tunic from Made by Rae and simple Oliver & S Playtime leggings.    I had never made the Charlie, and I was so happy with how simple it was and how well it fits. I made the size 3 out of some really nice blue Robert Kaufman chambray and used a fat quarter from my stash for the contrast. She will be able to wear this top a lot without looking like a Spanish fencer. And it's a perfect transition to spring garment. The leggings are a nice soft brown jersey that will get a lot of mileage too. Nothing beats super-quick, one pattern piece leggings!

For Hendrix I got to try a new to me Oliver & S pattern, the Nature Walk Pullover. This garment is so fun to make! I used some woven brushed cotton I had leftover from this old Film Petit and just cut it with the stripes going in different directions for the contrast. The lining pieces are flannel inside so it's extra cozy, and Hendrix loved the pockets in front. I'd love to try another one in bright fleece or something. 

 The pants are my all-time favorite boy pants, the After School pattern. These are size 6, in a super soft but sturdy Shetland flannel by Robert Kaukman. Perfect stylish fit makes me happy, and easy elastic waist makes Hendrix happy. All my fabrics this time came from Sewn Studio!

This time we are really excited to have Jessica of Craftiness is not Optional as our guest! Her Princess and Dread Pirate are just about the cutest thing you've ever seen. She really nailed it.

And my partner in crime Kristin made the most gorgeous dress from Buttercup's wedding. It's so beautiful and such a precious dress-up piece for her daughter. See the MAWWAIGE scene right here.

Thanks for always loving Film Petit, it makes everything so much fun for us! And remember, you can always add your movie-inspired kid looks to the Flickr group here. We love to see them!