Oliver & S Sew Along

Here's the idea:
We are sewing through the amazing and adorable book, Little Things to Sew by Liesl Gibson. But I'm no slave-driver, so let's do this casually, mmkay? We are going to do one project a  month. 

If you don't like the project I've picked for the month, that's fine. Make something you'd rather make from the book. I have picked these based on what I think I will use more. For instance, I'm not putting the tutu on the schedule because there 189 different ways to make a tutu, and besides that, my daughter is only 3 months old and I'm not bothering to make her one until she can stand up and shake her booty in it. Also, I love the bento box, but it wouldn't get much use around here because I don't have any school age kids. But if you would rather make that then the backpack, go for it. And I know a lot of people have already made the bucket hat we are starting with, so feel free to replace that project. Or just make more hats! Point is, we are all building skills through this book and looking at each other's fantastic creations. 

And of course, if you can only join in one or two months, that's fine too. I'm including a smaller project for December, but please take a break there for other Christmas crafting if you need too. The key here is fun, not stress!

Here's the schedule: (2011-2012)

September- Penguin Backpack

November- Puppet Theater (for Christmas gifts!)

December- Cozy Winter Hood (or take a break)

January- Bear Carrier

February- Play Town

March- Explorer Vest or Red Riding Hood

April to June Finale- Travel Quilt

Here's the rundown:
At the beginning of the month, I will post my fabric choices for the project, as well as some other options and materials you will need to gather. A week after that, I will post pictures of my version being made. This book has great diagrams, but we have all been pretty spoiled by picture tutorials on the crafty webs, so sometimes it's nice to see the trickier steps in 3D. I'll also share any tips I've learned that might be useful as you make yours- or ask you for your help, I definitely don't know it all! After each month, I'll link everything back to this page so it's all easy to find. 

At the end of the month, I'll have one of those link parties and we can all show off what we made together. I'm not going to start a flickr group or anything because there already is an Oliver & S Patterns group. But if you do add your pictures to that group, it might be fun to link back to our sew-along in your descriptions so that other fans of the patterns can join in. The more the merrier. 

Like I said, we'll have link parties. I've grown to appreciate these things as long as people actually mingle! Don't just post your project and go away. Visit other people's posts too and leave them some love. Get to know people who like sewing the same types of things you do. What good is a party if you don't meet people?

Also, Let me know in a comment at any point if you are joining in. I'll add everyone's blog or flickr stream to a list of links on my sidebar. And grab that button up there (that I spent way too long figuring out the code for) so that more people can join as the sewing goes along. 

Once in a while I'll do a round up post here of some of your projects as well. So if you don't have a blog or anything, email your pics to jessica@fyrefly.com so I can show them off for you. 

Lastly, please please don't be shy in the comments on these posts. Tell us what fabric you are going to use. Tell us what you learned as you made it or how you did it differently. We want to gain from everyone's knowledge and inspiration, not just mine!

Ok, I think that's it...

Thanks so much for sewing with me, I'm very excited to get started!