Monday, December 22, 2014

Sewing To Sell: I'm in a Book!

There have been so many times I've talked with people who begin sewing and wonder how they can make some money from it- how exactly does it work? What are all the unspoken rules, and what separates those who can actually be successful with it?

Virginia Lindsay did an amazing job answering all these questions in this book, plus a load of questions you wouldn't have even thought to ask. Sewing to Sell is thorough, clear, helpful and beautiful.

And as crazy as it sounds, Virginia asked me to be a part of it! I have a 3-page interview toward the beginning of the book about finding your own style and voice in the sewing community. She liked some things I wrote some things here on the blog on that topic, so she invited me to answer some fun and thought-provoking questions. I think you can actually read most of my part on the Amazon preview. There are a few pictures of some of my favorite makes, including a photo taken by Kristin- thanks for your help dude ;)

You might be thinking it's a little weird for me to be in a book about sewing to sell, something I've only been very mildly and sporadically successful with. But I actually liked what I had to say on the topic when I got the book in the mail and went back to read it. It has been maybe a year and a half or more since I answered the questions so I completely forgot what I said, and fully expected it to sound all kinds of lame. But it didn't that much. Phew!

Of course, I'm not the only featured interview, there are several more bloggers who contributed some great advice to the book. One of my favorites is Vanessa's section about photography, and we all know her photos are consistently killer. 

But the book is not just a great resource for selling. It also has 16 patterns for sewing projects that are great for anyone. And I looooooooove the fact that Vanessa wants people to actually sell the projects they make in the book if they want to. No license or permission necessary. Simple. Generous. Encouraging. Love that. 

I know I will use several of the projects for gifts or homemade essentials for myself. Even if you never need any advice about selling online or at craft shows or local boutiques, it's just one of those project books that makes such a useful addition to your sewing library. Virginia did a gorgeous job and I'm so proud to be a little part of it. You should buy it. Here.

Check out the rest of book tour projects over on Virginia's blog Gingercake. Thanks again for inviting me to be in your beautiful book girl! (And for being soooooooo patient with me along the way!)