Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dolls and Dolls

I've been wanting to make some Black Apple dolls for the longest time. I finally got to yesterday thanks to HG's VERY good napping. (4 hours and 2 hours-what?!?)

I'm so happy with how they turned out!!! It's really a good thing I have so many little girls in my life to make this stuff for. Otherwise, my son just might be playing with dolls and wearing tutus.

Speaking of the Black Apple, I may have a bit of a girl crush on Emily Martin. I mean, have you seen her fashion blog? If I could trade closets with anyone, it would be her.

So apparently a lot of people I know look at this blog and I have no idea they are here. Then they later say something to me about it in person and it makes me feel weird. I don't know why. Obviously, anyone is free to read this, it's the internet for crying out loud. That's why I put here.

But it's time for you people to come forward, thus begins the shameless comment soliciting...

1. a self-indulgent question: Which doll is your favorite?
B. a superficial question: Who would you trade closets with?


  1. My favorite doll is the brown and pink dress, but they are all so very cute! I would love one myself. How about Madison? I've never heard of Black Apple dolls before, I'm out of the loop. On trading closets, it would be Barbara, a teacher at school, only she's about 5'1 and I'm 5"7, so with adjustments in height.

  2. I'm with your mom, I like Rosey...that's what i'm calling her. I would trade closets with Chuck from Pushing Daisies.

  3. Zoey Deschanel... hands down...

    P.S. I like the brown & pink one too!

  4. Hi Jessica. This is actually the first time I have seen your blog. Very nice! I write a blog, too, so I know how you feel about "cyberghosts" lol! I can't wait to browse around. I love it!

    Amy Perry

  5. I don't like dolls. And coincidentally, I would also trade closets with Barbara, the lady your mom works with.


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