Saturday, December 5, 2009

Late to Christmas

Anyone else feel like Christmas just sneaks up on you every single year? I always think I'm going to be more prepared and I have plenty of time.... but then I don't.

We don't have a tree yet or any other decorations up, besides my lovely Willow Tree nativity, which my mom has gifted us over the past few years. (Did you know they are also called cleches? I just learned that.) I made myself get it out a couple of days ago so we could at least start feeling a little Christmasy at home.

So I decided to take the opportunity to use the Macro setting on our camera, which I love.

HG is obviously excited about Christmas :)

Now I have to go drink hot chocolate and watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia with Nick, even though we really should be grocery shopping tonight...


  1. Hey Jess, Love the pictures of your creche, and Hendrix with his hand in his pocket, how adorable. Good photography too. I decided along time ago to let Christmas busyness be a blessing and it helped me change my attitude and enjoy it all more. I had to let go of alot too, I really needed that and I'm seeing more of the joy and less of the crazy.


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