Friday, March 4, 2011

On The Interwebs

I really love this collection of past pictures set against their present-day scenes. Makes me want to attempt it with some of my childhood photos next time I'm in Florida.

Really cool iphone cases. You can upload your own image to be printed on them.

Look at the beautiful mug rugs Tara made out of some of my scraps from the exchange. Gorgeous! I didn't know I needed mug rugs, but I do now.

Artist Tara Donovan makes the coolest pieces from mundane things like buttons and styrofoam cups. I love this kind of stuff. (Thanks Janee.)

I want to make an itty bitty city. 

Sweet Paul kid's edition, I love you. Just the recipes in this online mag delight me. Nay, even just the photos of the recipes.

And you must watch this precious 91-year-old woman talk about creating and her culture.

And guess what glorious, wonderful, scrumptrulescent thing happened yesterday!? The UPS man brought my brand new Brother sewing machine!! I can't wait to play with it all weekend and tell you more next week!


  1. Those photos are amazing!!! How cool is that?

    I spent all night rearranging and cleaning up my sewing room to make space for the new Brother. Hope to take it for a spin tonight! Definitely looking forward to your review . . . that machine may just end up on my shopping list for later this year!!

  2. I really enjoyed that handmade portrait as well. And those photo scenes? Absolutely magical!

  3. those pics are so neat! I love that idea


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