Thursday, March 31, 2011

Getting a Jumpstart on the Easter Bunny- with Bunnies

This week I made these little bunnies, which I saw on MADE, for the kids' Easter baskets.  (Wow, it's really kind of weird to be thinking in terms of "the kids.") 

Looks like my surgery is scheduled for Good Friday, which means we will most likely still be in the hospital Easter morning. So I'll put these in baskets ahead of time with a few other small treats, and Easter is ready to go. 

I did all the face embroidery with stitches on my machine. I'd love to learn a little hand embroidery someday, but for now I am just fine with the easy way out. I kind of like the girl bunny more, I think because I made her limbs chubbier and eyes lower. 

I'm usually not this good at planning ahead, but this is really just my way of procrastinating making H's birthday gift. His birthday is Wednesday and I really can't decide what handmade gift to go with. I like the idea of a big car playmat, but I just can't get that excited about it. Maybe a better idea will come along... maybe you have it... 


  1. You NEVER cease to amaze me! These are awesome! You are such a great mom. I need to start working on things like this for my little guy :)

  2. So very cute! Babies first Easter will be wonderful. Great job on using the new machine.

  3. So cute! Get ready - I've already had a "due in April" friend have her baby!

  4. Good Friday!?!?! oh its coming so fast! It'll be here and gone before we even know it! I can't wait to see her :D



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