Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Outfits in the Hospital

Easter morning in the hospital didn't turn out to be such a bad thing. The Easter Bunny brought our baskets straight there, which was nice of him. And mom and dad got to be lazy while all the grandparents got Hendrix dressed and took him to church. Well, I don't know if it's called being lazy when you've been up every 3 hours in the night. Either way, the doctors were eager to let people go home so they signed off on Elsie and I both, and we were home by early afternoon. I'd say bringing home the sweetest brand new little girl is a pretty good Easter.

This is what my neurotic self was working on last Thursday afternoon, the day before we were supposed to report to the hospital for a c-section at 6am. It probably would have made more sense to be packing so I wouldn't be up until 12 doing that, but I have priorities. 

The seersucker shorts I made using MADE's pants pattern, and I lined them with an old gray t-shirt. The bow tie I made like Prudent Baby's version, only I put velcro on the band instead of one of those fancy tie slides. Shirt and shoes are from Target.

Elsie wore the first dress I made her, but I didn't get any great pictures of them together. 

Alright mom and dad, this hospital hallway photoshoot is lame. Let's eat candy. 


  1. You are basically the coolest mom EVER. I wanna BE you some day... :)

  2. So cute! He looks thrilled to be at the hospital. Just like any young boy should be.


  3. Oh those photos are great! Great idea to go with green. Thanks for sharing Jessica!


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