Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Picnic Day

Last Thursday was absolutely the most perfect weather possible for a lunch at Sawyer Point by the river. One of those days you wish you could pack in a bag for when you need it again.

In an effort to miraculously morph into a mom-of-two who is actually organized enough to make it out the door on such an occasion, I immediately assembled a "picnic bag" to be ready for the rest of the summer. In a big blue Ikea bag in our closet sits our clean Disney blanket, the styrofoam airplane, a couple of bubble accessories, a soccer ball, and a magazine or two for me. This may not sound like much, but I really am the most unorganized person, so I was proud of my little picnic bag idea.

How else do you genius mothers out there manage to leave the house, or even (is it possible?) make it to where you are going on time? This is really probably my biggest worry about having two kids, since in two whole years of having just one, we have never made it anywhere on time. Nick and I had one of our pretend arguments the other day about which of us is more at fault for this. I think we decided that we are just those people. You know, the ones that really annoy the prompt people with our irresponsible tardiness all the time. But I'm not saying we can't change...

So tell me, what are your kid-moving tricks??


  1. Your picnic bag sounds perfect. Such a good idea. And H's little grass covered feet are just too much. <3


  2. i love the picnic bag idea. i swear, i always have the best intentions to do something cool like that and then we get somewhere where a picnic would be awesome but we only have like wipes and crackers on hand. lame! and i only have one kid with none on the way. go me! not. ;)

  3. I don't get out of the house much with just one but one thing i always do is be very prepared for the grocery store. I plan my list so I dont have to stand and think about anything. I just get exactly what I need on my list and move as fast as possible. You can also look online at the grocery store's website to see what's on sale. That's what I plan meals around...but that's another piece of advice.

  4. Get out of the door with two, huh? I don't mean this in a discouraging way, but moving from one to two was actually a bigger adjustment than having the first one. As for getting out the door, I add 5 minutes per person to the travel time (i.e. church is a 10 minute drive door to door. If I'm taking myself and both girls I count it as a 25 minute drive because it will take me that much time to change my clothes before I leave, repack the diaper bag, strap them in, run back inside for whatever I forgot, drive there, dig around for the paci at a red light, arrive, unbuckle, grab the diaper bag and precariously carry them both in then stand gasping in the lobby after I drop them in the nursery.)
    Basically, people are more forgiving when you have two babies, especially when they're little. Even being perpetually tired and late, I love it. Wouldn't change it. And really, does it matter if I would? They're already here. Enjoy your beautiful girl!!


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