Friday, April 1, 2011

On the Interwebs

I really love these dripping wall murals by Ben Slow.

This cereal box scenery (with downloads) is just about the funnest.

This might be my new front-runner in the search for a nursery print.

2 guilty pleasure songs, powers combined, making your life better.

I've been thinking about making new curtains using this genius technique.

Do you love horseradish like me? Here's only about 90 things we can try.

Let's be honest, fashion week in China always looks way more fun than it's NY counterpart.

And one of the million reasons little girls are awesome:


Happy weekend. Have a foolish day :)


  1. wah hahaha....I love the video of the ballet girl!

  2. what a great post! I am definitely going to explore more Chinese fashion week photos...

  3. Ok, I have a policy for videos on blogs. I don't watch them. Because when I do I get all bogged down watching videos and not getting anything else done. However, this one looked too good to pass up. And let me tell you, I'm SO glad I watched it. It made me laugh SSOO hard! Great find. Thank you so much for sharing! It totally made my day.


  4. the dripping wall murals are AWESOME! thanks for posting about them!

  5. The ballet video made me laugh out loud all by myself, maybe performing art will not be her gift. Hilarious.

  6. hahaha that's too cute! My daughter takes Ballet classes and I remember how difficult it was for her to remember to do 1st position in the beggining. Thanks for the post!

  7. just found your great little blog today. Love your quilt you are making. Great stuff! LOVE this video.


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