Thursday, April 7, 2011

Two Years Old

Yesterday my Hendrix Gray had his second birthday. We opened a few little gifts, went on a sunshine-y walk, spent most of the day with great friends, and grilled out for dinner.

Today, we took him to his first Reds game since he was just tiny. He was mesmerized by the players and the big screen and the riverboats... for about an inning and a half. Then he had other matters to attend to.

Like trying hard to look just like Daddy.

...trying even harder to look just like Daddy,

 and taking bites out of a helmet sundae that are way too big in an attempt to find all the green sprinkles.

He was also really good at clapping ferociously when everyone else did, dancing to all the hip-hop songs, and being terrified of Gapper the mascot. I don't think I could love this kid any more... until tomorrow.  


  1. Oh, how time flies. I remember Nick the first time he watched a game with ol' Papa Josh. He paid attention for the first few innings, in awe of the bright green grass and sound of a bat hitting a ball. By the 3rd inning, he was under his seat, covered in dried chocolate ice cream, licking the ground and wanting to go home. Kids!

    Hold on to these precious moments, Jessica. Because next time you look up, H will have married a girl, moved to Ohio, and made babies.

  2. That is hilarious! My grandpa (who was a big Reds fan, went to at least 1 game a year for 50 years or something) took my brother Thomas to his first ballgame, double header Reds game. Of course Grandpa liked to go early to watch the batting practice. After batting practice, when the players started leaving the field, Tom stands up, claps, and starts leaving too. He thought that was it. I think Grandpa spent more money at that game to keep Tom occupied than all the games he'd been to combined.

    Hendrix is so cute! And looks just like Nick. I guess I just said your husband is cute. So there's that.

  3. My heart is melted he is so cute.

  4. SO freaking cute! Happy Birthday Hendrix! I adore his :::super serious concentrating on looking just like daddy::: face. Precious.


  5. oh my gosh! so this is what two looks like eh? he looks like such a grown up. my babe is 16 months tomorrow and she's going through some serious growing pains right now. I guess that means that she doesn't want to grow up either. I think I'm digressing again ;) Happy birthday little man!!


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