Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Uber-cool coasters

My little bro made me something! Well, him and his awesome girlfriend. One might assume that she probably did all the craftiness, but I think he worked really hard, because he was soooo excited to give them to us :)

Anyway, they MADE little birdie stamps out of rubber erasers. How resourceful! This is the wonderful outcome:

(You can see from the lovely rings how well we take care of this end table- we really needed these!)

Brilliant! I'm guessing they were inspired by my love of all things avian right now and my husband's new arm tattoo. (Which my grandmother so tactfully referred to as an ugly blob when we were in FL. Hilarious.) My brother and his girl are so smart!

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  1. I love the coasters too, and Luke was truly proud. Don't you love Becca and her mutual love of all things crafty! I'm assuming it was Nanny that called the tattoo an ugly blob, and yes that is hilarious. I love her so much, you always know what she thinks.


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