Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I decided to make a little something for my mom this year. I didn't sew anything, but I I really had fun trying my hand at a little book-binding.

I used this tutorial I found at Blue-eyed freckle (one of my faves- I love this girl's creativity!)

I went girly-girl pink, and used different papers for all the pockets. (I also used recycled computer paper for the binding, which is why all that Thanksgiving stuff is in there. But it's ok, makes it looks kind of collage-y.)

Six nice little pockets for goodies like notes and pictures of the grandson (that she has been hounding you for for months and you keep forgetting to send. Just me?)

And what mom doesn't need a metallic pink origami fox for her desk at work?

And this random cartoon I made. This classy dame reminds me of mom :) I also put in a Joann's gift card- always a suitable gift for either of us.

Happy Mother's Day Mom! Aren't my parents the cutest?? She won't see this post today because this weekend is also their anniversary and they rented a Harley to ride around on all weekend! Yeah, the cutest. Happy 29th Anniversary too!

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  1. Jessica, I love my little homemade book so much, I have looked at it over and over. Thanks you for pouring so much love into those little pages. You are the best daughter ever.


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