Monday, July 18, 2011

aaaaaaaaand we're back.

Yes, that was a very nice blog-cation. It was nice to just make things and not worry about blogging them you know? But now I'm good and blog rested and I want to blog them. Do you ever wonder if bloggers are just people who are really needy for affirmation in any form? The answer to that is probably yes :)

Did I finish my first quilt? No. But I finished all the quilting which took me a really long time. But I made it, even with two bouts of machine troubles (much cursing.) At least I didn't sew through any of my fingers or anything. Just needs binding now. This will be a busy week, but we are making it happen people.

Did I start another quilt just for fun? Yes. Here's the quilt top I made using Rachel's Loulouthi tiles instructions. It's baby sized with Moda Bella Green for the sashing. (Which looks more like mint green or sea foam to me, but they just call it green.) Nick is attached to those feet, rolling his eyes.

Tiles baby quilt top 2

That quilt top came together really quickly with those big pieces. Perfect for the AMH collection. Late that night I decided to have fun with the scraps and made a wonky log cabin block for the quilt back. I love little surprises on the back of a quilt.

Loulouthi wonky log cabin

I really never expected to like quilting this much. I'll probably just make one for everyone I know now.

I also made some little boy clothes and some little girl clothes that I'll show you soon. And we took a whirlwind trip to Boston. It was fun, but a bit of a cluster-cuss at times (airport times.) I could formulate some great parenting post full of wisdom about traveling with two small children, but I still don't have any of that wisdom. So I'll just tell you a little about it so you can laugh at my misfortunes. Those are really the best kind of parenting posts, the ones that make you really glad it didn't happen to you, or really glad your children are always model citizens and better than everyone else's. Until they remind you that isn't true...ten minutes later.

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  1. Love that LouLouThi quilt! Thanks for linking up to {Sew} Modern Monday and have a great week!

  2. Welcome back. You are making me want to be a quilter. I'm glad Nick still has feet. And I'm very much looking forward to those travel stories.

  3. Love your quilt! That LouLouThi is really growing on me! :-)

  4. Your quilt top is gorgeous!
    And I LOVE that wonky log cabin block -- I'd love to make a whole quilt like that -- lovely!

  5. love it! and welcome back, a break is always nice. :)

  6. Welcome back! It was so lovely to see a post from you! You are motivating me to quilt!

  7. Love your LouLouthi quilt with the minty sashing!!

  8. The log cabin blog is fabulous! I think those fabrics really are perfect for such a big quilt pattern. I just started quilting within the last year as well and am totally hooked. My machine makes me curse too when I do the actual quilting (which is why I found a place where I can rent their long arm machine recently).
    I always think the "how to keep your kids calm in the airport" posts are totally bogus. Kids+airports=insanity. That's just reality, folks! So I'm looking forward to reading your stories :)

  9. Love it! That quilt is so simple but so gorgeous. And the wonky log cabin is so cute with the LouLouthi!

  10. Oh the wonky log cabin is great!


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