Friday, June 15, 2012

Fabric Serendipity

I love my Modern Quilt Guild.

I do. Those ladies are the bestest.

We had our monthly meeting this week, and the swap this month was totes... Look what I got from the amazing Gillian

Melody Miller transistor tote

I hadn't joined in the swaps in the last couple months, but was excited to make an extra Verona bag for this one. Honest to goodness, every tote bag that was brought to swap was pretty fabulous, but I saw Gillian's and started drooling at an alarming volume. 

I was just telling a friend the other day that if I wasn't so cheap, I'd hoard all of Melody Miller's fabric. I just love her stuff! (And I'm not saying I think that fabric should be cheaper. I know why it's premo priced. Totally worth it.)

So I just happened to get to take this transistor tote home. Here's the kicker- I'm going to ATL for a little sewing retreat next weekend, and I'll be meeting Melody! The swapping fairies knew I needed this bag to take with me. 

Gillian, thanks for cutting into the good stuff, it was not lost on me :)


  1. Very cute Bag! I have meeting tomorrow we are swapping grocery bags! It should be fun.

  2. You're welcome!!! I'm jealous you get to meet her... but at least the bag I made gets to!

  3. that is AWESOME. so jealous of your sewing retreat!!

  4. I was thinking you may have requested this, but it turns out to be just good luck! Can't wait for Friday!!


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