Thursday, July 12, 2012

Shorts and Social

Today I'm over at Small and Friendly for my turn in the Shorts on a Line series. There have been some seriously cute ideas so far, so make sure you check all the posts out while you are there!

shorts on the line button

And, bonus: I got to use my Simplest Summer Top tutorial again when I realized I needed to take pictures of these shorts and Elsie had nothing that matched them. It was either that or a topless baby girl... which would not have been a crisis exactly, but yay for more clothes made by mamma!

Check out the full post here, with my tips on how to hem your shorts with contrast bindings. 

And more big news: Thanks to certain peer pressures, I finally got a Facebook page for the blog!


  1. Oh, Elsie. The cutest. Um, if I were still on fb, I would totally like you, but I'm not. So, liking you here and on flickr and instagram will have to suffice. ;)

  2. Peer pressure at it's finest! Just don't start smoking now because all the cool kids are doing it. ;)

  3. she is so adorable in her cute shorts and shirt! all handmade by her awesome momma! i like you!

  4. I totally like you! Thanks again for the fab post!


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