Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2 Handmade Christmas Swaps

Hi everyone, and happy New Year! I've had such a nice break full of family and holiday-ing. I have about a bajillion things to blog about, but I'm sure I won't get to all of them. But I think that's ok. Sometimes things get made around here just to be made :)

In mid-December, I got to participate in 2 great swaps with other talented women who love handmade. It's so great to be able to get something made especially for you, in the midst of all the Christmas making for others... others who appreciate the time you put into their gifts, but they just don't know, you  know?

First up was our CincyMQG secret Santa swap. Christine's gift to me was so thoughtful, I thought I might cry when I saw it. 

She made me this circle of geese mini quilt to look just like my blog header! Is that not the sweetest, most clever thing ever?? I have it proudly hanging in my sewing room where I love seeing it every day. I love it, and she did such a perfect job on it. Thanks again Christine!!

I made this  2- sided zip pouch for the amazing Gillian. I remember when I first started going to the guild meetings, her stuff was always SO inspiring to me. She is so creative and fun and has the best taste in fabric. She loves Japanese stuff like Echino and anything from Kokka, so I fussy cut some of my reserves for the center of these neon-ish stars. And I snuck some extra Echino pieces inside for her. I hope you are loving it girl, you are the coolest!

The other swap I participated in was online, and I made this flying geese pillow cover for the lovely Kate. I wanted to make it classy and girly for her, so I cut into my Liberty of London! It only took a little, and it felt pretty good actually. I snatched this picture from her Instagram since I forgot to snap any shots of my own. (Are you on IG? Follow Kate at seekatesew, and me at alittlegressica. You'll see lots more shots of what I'm sewing on over there!)

And in that swap I received this classy clutch and wallet combo from Destri! Her work is so beautiful, and I REALLY needed that nice wallet. I'm still carrying the one I made when I first started sewing, pre-blog days. It's really bad and ugly and dirty. Now I have one I don't have to be embarrassed of. Thanks Destri!

I'll be back to regular (semi- you know me) blogging this week and hopefully get to some fun 2012 recaps and 2013 goals. I love reading those kinds of posts, and I LOVE a fresh start in the new year. Lots of good goodness ahead!


  1. Great swaps! That circle of geese is truly the sweetest idea.

  2. Happy New Year, Jessica! Look at all those wonderful swaps! That mini quilt is such a perfect representation of your blog header -- very cool!!

  3. Love all the flying geese goodness! Crafty buddy gifts are the funnest to get (and the funnest to give too!). Happy 2013! Glad I'm not the only one that might be publishing her 2012 wrap up a bit late. ;)

  4. Those flying geese are awesome! What an amazingly fitting and thoughtful gift.

  5. The flying geese pillow is beautiful! Is the dark background fabric also part of the Liberty collection?

  6. ooh, I LOVE those neon stars, they are just perfection.

  7. Thanks for sharing the circle of geese! I'm so glad you like it!

  8. Such pretties! I super love the geese circle pillow. Freaking fabulous!


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