Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Simple Sewing Blog Tour and Giveaway: Lunch Sack

I love my new lunch sack! I made it using a pattern from the brand new book Simple Sewing by Katie Lewis of the Red Kitchen. It's a basic boxed bag with an open top that could really be used for so many things besides lunch. But I actually needed mine to be an extra cute lunch bag for me to take to work. Because when you work in a cute fabric store, your lunch sack should be adorable and home sewn, right? 

The hand-embroidered banana applique has a little story. I usually forget to bring a lunch to work, but I'm trying to get better at remembering. (Hopefully having something cuter than a plastic bag will help.) So I often end up getting a snack from the great local coffee shop we have next door. Whenever a coworker is the one making a snack run, I always say I just want a banana. And they make fun of me for it. As they probably should. Believe me, I'm no healthy eater. Just putting on airs at work I guess. Also, I'm cheap. 

Besides the embellishment, I made a couple other small additions to the bag. I lined it in laminated cotton. I've had this print laying around for over a year with the intention to recover our cheap kitchen stools with it, but that's never gonna happen. Plus Elsie peed all over one of the stools the other day and it went in the trash! Anyway, it will be nice to have a wipe-able inside on my lunch sack. I also added a layer of Pellon Insul-brite on the inside. I mostly eat dinner leftovers for lunch (along with the bananas) so the insulation will be handy.

The laminated lining gave me another idea- this would make a perfect thread and scrap trash bucket in my sewing room! I could make another one to throw all that stuff in and then it will glide right out because of the lamination. It would probably be better than throwing it all over the floor every day.

This book is truly perfect for beginners. Every single project has a picture for every single step, which is a huge help when you are just starting to sew. And the projects included are simple but so useful and cover a wide range. Baby stuff, kid stuff, accessories, decor, etc. It would be great to buy as a gift for someone you know that wants to get started and needs some guidance. 

So would you like a chance to win your own? Just enter the giveaway below! Also make sure to check out Andrea's cute hand warmers from the book on The Train To Crazy. Perfect little Christmas gift project.

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  1. Thanks for the chance in your giveaway!

  2. That is a darling lunch bag. I love the bright colors, and such a good idea to have the laminated lining.

  3. Dude! Super cute. I love the appliqué and laminated lining - great additions!

  4. Your photos are awesome and so professional!!!


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