Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Street Art

Katie's post about street art reminded me that I have been wanting to show you guys the brand new Shepard Fairey (of iconic Obama campaign poster fame) murals that went up in our neighborhood just a couple weeks ago. Hendrix and I got caught in the rain walking home from taking these pictures tonight...  soooo yeah, you're welcome :)

You can find this one down Brazee Street off Madison in Oakley. 

I love this one because it is right on Madison Rd. on a very nice clean business building. I can just imagine most people driving by it and thinking "What the $#*% is that ugly zombie thing?" There is one just like it on Shake-it Records in Northside, but the sight is more expected there. It's called "Obey Fiend Skull." Kind of Banksy-ish.

There are more murals that went up back in February throughout downtown and Northside as part of his exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Center. (The following pictures are from here.)

These are on High Street Design on Reading Rd. downtown.  (Which is so swanky and cool. I might have to do a whole post on it some day.)

This one is right on the corner we used to live on in Over the Rhine.

And this one is on the side of Shop Therapy in Northside. 

The Shepard Fairey exhibit is at the CAC through August 22, so I'm glad we still have some time to get down there and see it. When we do, I will show you their really fun children's art center. 

And in other street art news, the Banksy documentary is screening at the Esquire June 18th. I CAN'T WAIT! I think I should put my craftiness to more subversive use... what should my street art name be?


  1. oh man I looooove these murals! how cool to live in a city with such great street art.

  2. The murals are super inspiring. What a pretty city to live in:)

  3. Do you mind that I totally stole one of your mural images for a little Cincinnati post going up on Prudent Baby tomorrow? Lemme know. I linked of course.


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