Monday, June 28, 2010

A Good Weekend

Friday night was very exciting because Fyrefly Photography opened up their new studio! It looks absolutely beautiful. Lots of friends came out to say hi and have a drink and celebrate how far the business has come in just a little over a year. We think of Nathan and Edie and their kids like family, and now Nick is second shooting weddings most every weekend with Nathan. Also, I do some blogging/ childcare/ bag-making for him. So we feel like it's the family biz. It was a fun night.

Here is a little peek of the space. I think I'll have to show you more of it later this week, because it is full of great vintage styling you will love. Too bad I'm not a photographer myself, but you'll get the idea.

That night was a monthly event here in our neighborhood called "Oakley Afterhours," where all the businesses on the square stay open late and have special things going on. So Nick played some tunes for Red Tree Gallery and Coffee Shop, just around the corner from the new studio. Yeah, he's pretty good.

And my monsters also made their debut at Red Tree that day! Besides the really good art they have on the wall each month, they also sell lots of very cool handmade goods from local artists. I'm excited to have them for sale "in the flesh."

And lastly, my friend Kara just informed me that one of the monsters was included in an Etsy Finds collection on their blog and daily email. WHAT? The crazy thing is, my other friend Olivia from Palette Theory has an item in the same collection! I think she is the only other person I know with an etsy shop. There are only like a gazillion different items on etsy- what are the odds of that?? See it here. (Scroll down to the bottom.)


  1. Umm, first of all, your weekend looks amazing. Nick is one of my favorite musicians. You are one of my favorite crafty ladies.

    And secondly, I had NO idea that I was in the etsy finds!!!! Silly me, didn't even look at the e-mail, how exciting for both of us...
    and thanks for letting me know!

  2. Wow, that is all so exciting!! Your monsters are beyond adorable, and I know they are going to sell so fast! And that studio is gorgeous...can't wait to see more photos!

  3. Jess, How wonderful to have your monsters featured on Etsy, and they look so cute in the store display. I'm happy for you all the Rider/Peels had such a great weekend. Great things are in store for you all.


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