Thursday, September 2, 2010

Childhood in the Suburbs

I've already told you I think the new Arcade Fire album is amazing.

But I just had an experience that takes it to another level.

Artist Chris Milk created an interactive film that is a customizable music video to "We Used to Wait." It actually uses Google maps images to take you down your childhood street, to the very house you grew up in.

It is brilliant.

I tried it, not knowing what would happen. I had a very good childhood in Florida with lots of running and playing outside and memories with family. But I haven't been to that house in years. Just seeing it during the song made me a little emotional. There is something sad about the fact that you can never be a child again, I guess. The experience ends with a chance to write your childhood self a letter while the song  and experience is still going on. You don't have time to think, you just write and draw. Then you can choose to send the postcard in and it might be used in Arcade Fire's tour.

Here is mine:

I think I'm going to go do it again....right here.


  1. that was a FANTASTIC experience...thanks for passing it along!

  2. My address didn't have enough info. But I'll just listen to the album again, because it's been in rotation ever since it came out. LOVE #6.


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