Sunday, September 5, 2010

To Do List... with a juicy tidbit.


So honestly, I'm not a big fan of lots of those "link parties" people do on blogs. There is nothing really wrong with them, I've just never felt the need to participate.

BUT I do like a unique idea that involves getting to know other bloggers, not just promoting yourself. Carmen is starting up a little to-do list blog along, and I thought it would be fun to participate this week. I always have a long crafty to-do list that is very satisfying to chip away at. But lately, due to having some very big projects to tackle, and the fact that I haven't been feeling myself, well, you've probably noticed I haven't sewn many new things lately.

To Tackle This Week Month:

  1. Finish crib skirt (so close) and changing pad cover for my friend's nursery, start curtains.
  2. Make at least 2 pairs of PJ pants for Hendrix. (His are so small, it's sad.)
  3. Write 3-4 blog posts for Fyrefly.
  4. Sew 2 Louise bags for Fyrefly and 2 to swap with friends. 
  5. Sew wristlet for a friend to match a bag she bought.
  6. Design and make 8 (!) new monsters for a family who has commissioned me to make one for all their grandkids.
  7. Add some things to the shop.
  8. Finish reading Chocolat. (I know, I'm like 10 years behind.)
  9. Go to the Dr. on Tuesday because I'm pregnant.
  10. Buy more fabric.

Happy Labor Day everyone, and I hope we all get to make lots of check-marks on our lists this week :)


  1. congrats! when are you due? i swear, once your kid's 18 months it's like you're due for another one. maybe it's in the water. very happy for you:)

  2. Tons of projects! Hooray. So exciting about all the monsters you are making. Oh and the baby you are growing.

  3. Ahh! You were sneaky with burying #9 so far down the list! CONGRATULATIONS! That is super exciting!!! (And it's way better to find out via a blog than Facebook!!)

  4. Wowza! So excited for you and Nick. I am to the point where I don't even bother making lists because I never get it done. I am so jealous of you super craftiness. You are amazing!

  5. oh my goodness, congrats!!! yay- wish we were there to watch you grow again.

  6. Congrats to it makes sence why you haven't been feeling yourself like lately!

  7. HAHAHA! Congrats! As soon as I read "and the fact that I haven't been feeling myself" I was pretty convinced you were preggers and being secretive. Then, I got to your number 9 and it made such sense! And, after one can pretty much scrap any projects for a long time! Maybe it's just me, but i can barely get anything done besides feeding everyone ALL day long. As soon as we finish one meal, gotta start thinking of snack, then the next meal, then snack, then get it. And gotta clean up after each meal. The sewing machine is usually only out for practical things, like replacing tabs on cloth diapers, necessary window coverings, etc.

    Just realized I sound like a big downer, but I don't mean to because Kids are WELL worth not being creative for a time :-) And, I know you are already way more creative than me and will probably still find a way and the time to get stuff done.

    CONGRATS again little Mama!

  8. Jessica!! You are soo sneaky...yay for being pregnant!! Do we get any more details, like when the next little Rider is going to make an appearance? Congrats!!!

  9. super cool list! lovely blog, glad i stopped by! How did you get all your comments to appear below your post?




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