Monday, October 4, 2010

A Baby Room

So I guess "I Love Cincinnati Week" only lasted two days. You see, this is why I'm no good at regular features or pre-planned themes. Oh well, I'll probably just show you the rest of the cool places I like around here whenever I feel like it.

But for today, something I actually made. YAY! I cannot wait until I am back to making on a regular basis. Not being at my sewing machine at least every other day is really making me feel weird. That, and the small precious parasite growing inside me- I also blame that.

Here are the pictures from my friend's baby boy room. I made curtains, a crib sheet using the MADE method, a crib skirt from instructions in this book, and a changing pad cover using Prudent Baby's tutorial.

She already had that white ladder in the room and had the idea to use scraps of our fabrics to hang the frames from. I think it came out very cute. 

Here you can see the sheet and skirt a little better. The skirt in Amy Butler's book just had solid panels, but I broke each side up into three strips so we could show more of the colorful fabrics. I especially love that green herringbone by Joel Dewberry.

I made the changing pad cover with soft white minkie at the top for that newborn noggin.

These are the first curtain panels I have made using blackout fabric to line. It definitely makes it a little trickier to sew, but it's so worth it for a baby room.

And here is the lamp she picked at Ikea. It matches the orange fabric perfectly. 

When she first asked for my help and I was obsessing over fabric choices on the internet, I told her she was making me want to have another baby. Little did I know, I was already preggers. But here's the thing about this baby's room- it will have to be shared with my sewing room. I think. It's either that or put both the kids in one room, which doesn't sound like a great option to me. 

Anyone out there share their creative space with a babe? How does it work? I'd love to hear anyone's experience with it. Or any experience with a newborn and toddler sharing a room. Or any experience getting someone to gift a four bedroom house to your family, no strings attached...


  1. I love this. So, did she buy the bumper and where? I could totally see a solid bumper as the solution to my bedding dilemma. I love the fabrics, esp. the herringbone!

    As far as the two children ordeal.

    We have a two bedroom apartment. At first I thought they'd just share, but then I realized baby H will probably just sleep in our room for about six months. Big H plays in his room often and it would be hard to have her sleeping in there when he would want to play. (plus all of his toys are in his room-not in the living room)... So, the closet they'll share is actually in the hallway.

    Ok, so technically the room with be just for Hudson for at least six months. (Our lease ends then and maybe we might move?? who knows.)

    Does this answer your question? probably not.
    All I know is that technically baby H won't really have a room at first, I don't think she'll mind.

  2. my kids have always shared a room, ever since Thomas was born. They learn to sleep through each others crying and are closer friends as they grow older also.

  3. Granted mine started off together, from conception on...but they never wake each other. It's quite amazing. One can be screaming, giggling, playing, etc. and the other sound asleep. It's great!

    Love your changing pad cover. I have changing issues since Wes is a lefty and I'm a righty, so we change opposite ways. And, that means baby's head goes where butt was. I find it odd and gross.

  4. I was wondering where you had been... and here you are all knocked up. Congrats!


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