Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fox Costume!

So these pictures aren't the greatest, but the costume is done and I couldn't resist posting it. I don't know if he knows what he is, but he does love wearing it.

 And I love the way it turned out, which is really most important. Not really. But kind of. Seriously.

I was afraid the big tail would be a bit cumbersome, but he loves it. And it's just about the cutest thing ever swinging on his little booty when he walks.

Here's a nice tail shot- It even gets out of the way for foxes who need to sit down and do puzzles!

Some details on how I made it, for those who like that sort of thing...
Wasn't easy to find plain orange clothes without monsters or ghosts or pumpkins on them, so I bought a plain white toddler tee at Target for $6 I think. I died that with some orange RIT, along with a couple of old Hanes undershirts. I cut the sleeves off of one of those and made them into the hat. I had no idea what I was doing, but I went with it and it was super easy. I made the rest of the tshirt into the pants, using one of his pajama pairs as a pattern. I cut three tail shapes from the other tshirt, kind of like stretched out football shapes I guess, and put white felt on the ends. Then sewed those together and stuffed. I just have it safety pinned to the back of the waist band so we can take it off for the car. 
The black legs are just a pair of knee socks from Target I cut up and slipped on his legs and wrists. That's it! I also had a patch of white felt on the front of the shirt, which he promptly ripped off. So I need to actually attach it well, or just do without it. I can't decide if we really need it or not, we'll see. 

Halloween is the cutest ever.


  1. Brilliant little fox.

    Well done, as usual.

  2. Very cute! Did you use a pattern for the face of the fox?

  3. That is soooo cute! And I haven't seen any other foxes around

  4. i love that you upcycled for this costume. it's so sweet!!!

  5. That is just sooooo cute! Never knew foxes are into doing puzzles!

  6. Love the fox.. What a sweet sweet little boy!

  7. Dear Jessica,
    I used your instructions to make my son a beautifull wolf costume.
    Thanks for the great idea and for your generosity

  8. Cuteness! I'm a sucker for a good fox.


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