Monday, December 13, 2010

A Couple of Completed Gifts

I have way too many unfinished projects going on right now, but these two were quick and easy to complete in one sitting. Hopefully they'll be headed to the post office today.

These quilted notecards are for my husband's grandmother, who is the only person I know who still sends a handwritten note for no special reason. I love it. I would say it's something I'm going to start doing, but who am I kidding? I'm just going to keep sending facebook messages to my friends. Gross but true.

Fantastic way to use up some of my mountain of scraps. And I always love a project that doesn't require careful measuring and cutting of fabric. That is my least favorite part of sewing.

Also made a couple of these for 2 little artists I love. These are so fun. I'm thinking I need to make a crayon roll version next to stick in H's diaper bag.

This is the third Christmas since I've started sewing, and gifts are definitely my favorite thing to make. It's nice to think that these kind of gifts won't be the ones going to Goodwill in a year or two... I would hope. I also love that I am hibernating up in my sewing room instead of navigating snowy, crowded mall parking lots. Ugh. But no matter how you are gifting this year, I hope it is fun and stress-free!


  1. Those note cards are very cool, do they open up? I love the pencil and paper holders for our two little very loved artists, they will really like that.

  2. I love your artist pad things...they are so cute!

  3. so, so cute! I am zero on handmade crafts this year:( Don't you hate the post office! Worst part about the holidays by far


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