Sunday, January 2, 2011

The post where I have nothing of substance to say, but you might laugh.

I guess I've taken a bit of a blogging hiatus, only partly intentional. You see, we have not had internet at our residence for the past three weeks or so. Well, we never really did, but for the past 2 years, we have used a semi-reliable random wireless signal that has suddenly disappeared. So whenever I am annoyed that it is gone, I remind myself that we were worthless moochers in the first place. So now I am saying hello to you from Panera and we are working on figuring out how to get legit wireless without also getting cable and a landline, neither of which we want.

But the holidays were a good time for a break anyway. Ours were joyous and wondrous and jolly and every other adjective that might make you think we have the perfect little family.

I do have more Christmas gifts and handmad-y-ness to show you eventually, but no pictures for now. So instead, I will share with you this completely random story from my husband's tumblr. I came across it again today and remembered how much I love it. It cracks me up every time I imagine the tangible awkwardness. He also wrote it in probably the best way possible. Enjoy:

The following is a true story which details events that transpired on the 10th of November in the year 2010. It all happened at the music club d.b.a. which is situated on Frenchman Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana. 
10:30PM - I am seated near the window with my friend Nathan. I look outside and see a guy that kinda looks like Phoebe’s canadian-gay-ice-skater-husband from that one episode of Friends… I think he was also that one guy from Joyride.
10:31PM - IMDB on my iPhone.
10:32PM - It’s Steve Zahn. Not sure if it was him or not… He’s gone now, so I guess I’ll never know.
10:35PM - I see Steve Zahn or his doppelgänger at the bar. 
10:36PM - I walk up to the guy in question:
  ”Are you Steve Zahn?”
  ”uuh….. Yeah…”
  ”Wow! That’s crazy man! Cool!”

10:36:20PM - I realize that, besides that one episode of Friends and that shitty thriller/horror movie Joyride, I don’t know anything else that Steve Zahn has been in… I’m not going to tell him he’s awesome, because he isn’t… But I can’t just say nothing and walk away… I mean, his self esteem has to be perilously low as it is.
10:36:30PM - I finally craft a statement that adequately expresses my appreciation for his career and simultaneously extricates me from this awkward situation:
  ”I dig your shit, man.”
10:36:35PM - I walk away, confident that I have made a new friend. However, I do have a moment where I think, “I wonder if my new BFF Steve Zahn was annoyed to get approached in public?” But then I convince myself that He probably was just ecstatic to get recognized within 2 minutes of walking into the bar.

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  1. My favorite Steve Zahn movie: That thing you do. classic.


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