Friday, May 13, 2011

KCWC so far.

I managed to squeeze in some sewing for KCWC on 2 days this week... that's it. But I don't feel bad because, A) I have a newborn and I require naps, and 2) I've made a lot of articles of clothing for both the kids lately, it's pretty much all I've been sewing.

I made H two pairs of summer pajamas. I got the fleece really cheap at Joann's and it's been sitting around for a while, so I needed to use it. I'm not crazy about it at all, but it's good enough for PJ shorts. Except, maybe it isn't? The selvedge of the fabric had a lovely little message saying it isn't intended for children's sleepwear. I'm such a rebel.

Oooooh. Now I remember why I usually just photograph the clothes I make hanging on the wall. It's because 2 year olds are impossible to take photos of. Especially when it's always rainy. And also, they hid your real camera in a dresser drawer for two days and you only have your phone to work with.

No, this isn't a potty training activity. I promise that brown thing is just a felt kiwi. 

By the way, did you know fleece refuses to stick to fusible webbing? Me neither. We do now. 

And of course, he's still rocking his Easter seersucker. Look at those muscular toddler legs!

And just because she's pretty adorable, and doesn't want to be left out...This is where she slept at my parents' house last weekend, in a little cradle my grandfather made for me as a baby. Presh.


  1. Oh boy Jess I just can't wait for those days that Max is hiding my stuff but like I always say, that's why they make these little ones so damn cute!! You can never stay mad for longer than 2 minutes. Elsie is adorable I can't wait to meet her.

  2. I am quickly falling in love with seersucker, too cute. And when little babies sleep with their arms up, precious indeed!

  3. What precious pictures! Oh, do you know why that selvedge says not good for pjs? It's because that flannel isn't treated with flame retardants. I make my kids pjs exactly so they can sleep flame-retardant free. Those chemicals are bad news. So yeah!

  4. I love that you made your son summer pajamas. I usually just give my boys an oversized shirt and some knit shorts. You have inspired me to sew more for my kids.

    And your sweet daughter is so beautiful! That cradle is so sweet. How neat that it was one made for you as a baby.

  5. I freaking love H's seersucker. And I love that Elsie is so excited about sleeping. I like to give a little fist pump when I go to sleep too.


  6. baby girl= presh, the outfit below is double presh. I didn't post everything I made last week, I need to. I did a freezer paper onesie that I ruined trying to touch up, grrrr. might gift it as is anyway


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